Turkey Bone Stock ~Slow Cooker ~Whip It Up Wednesday

Today on Fun Cooking we’re going to be
making a turkey bone stock in the crock pot as part of the Whip It up Wednesday
I hope you’ll come back and see how we do it. Whip IT Up Wednesday is a crock
pot collaboration founded by Linda’s Pantry Suttons Daze The Kneady Homesteader Moore2Life and Wilhelm’s Kitchen So the ingredients we’re going to be using today will be a turkey carcass, carrots,
celery- I’m using dehydrated, onion, green onion- which is dehydrated, garlic, salt, pepper, and water. and this is really simple we’re just going to take our
turkey carcass which I’ve cut it in two, so it’ll fit better in my pot, and then
we’re just simply going to pour the carrots, celery, onions, green onions, salt,
and pepper and the garlic and then we are going to JUST cover it with water. we’re going to put our lid on it we have
it on low and we’re gonna let this cook for about six to eight hours. When we get
to that point I’ll bring you back, and show you the next step
okay so we’ve let this cook for about eight hours we’re going to take the lid
off and look at the steam and we’re going to start removing all of the
vegetables and turkey pieces. You may be tempted to use and keep
some of this meat, but it’s given all it can give so it really won’t have a taste, so just get
rid of it. Then once you get all of the large pieces out set that to the side, and we’re going to strain the broth to a fine mesh strainer this will capture any
of the impurities and help give you a clearer stock. I’m going to finish straining this,
and then I’ll be back. Okay here you can see our turkey broth,
after we’ve strained it. There’s still a few impurities in there, so I’m going to
strain it again, this time through some paper towel
or cheesecloth. this process does take a little more time because it’s a denser material that it is filtering through, but you end up with a much clearer stock. okay I’m gonna let this finish filtering and I’ll bring you back when it’s done. Okay we have finished straining our turkey stock. This one is the one we strained it through the paper towel and this one we did not. This one appears to
be lighter and the only thing I can think of is because it was dipped from
the top. But as you can see in this footage this one has particles in the
bottom, whereas this one does not. So I’m going to let this come to room
temperature, then I’m going to put it into freezer bags, probably two cups per
bag seal, the bag and lay it on a baking sheet flat. And put it in my freezer and
let it freeze. Once it becomes frozen I can take it off the cookie sheet and
file it away, in my deep freeze so the next time I need turkey stock I won’t
have to buy a can at the store I can just pull some out of the freezer and
let it thaw and use it in my gravy or whatever I need it for.
I hope you found this video useful, if you’d like the full recipe go to WWW.FunCookingChannel.com
and look under the recipe tab. There you’ll be able to find a printable
recipe I hope you join us next time today I’m fun cooking we’re doing
whip-it up Wednesday we’re gonna make the pot roast all the fixings and the
gravy steam this crock pot I hope you’ll come back and see how we do it

8 comments on “Turkey Bone Stock ~Slow Cooker ~Whip It Up Wednesday”

  1. Suttons Daze says:

    We all LOVE LOVE LOVE the intro! Such a great explanation of making bone broth with a crockpot.

  2. Moore2Life the pantrylovinprepper says:

    So many good things can come from a great bone broth, this is Awesome! Thanks for joining us, I have added you to the playlist!

  3. Mamofone Teen says:

    Seeing this made me get out 4 of the chicken carcasses I’ve been saving in my freezer and I threw them in my crockpot with some herbs and veg! It’s going to cook overnight. Thanks, I’ve been meaning to do this for a couple of weeks.

  4. Dragonflygrandma says:

    Nice video, Enjoyed the editing. Thanks for sharing.

  5. bluedazz says:

    Great video. Nice and clear instructions.

  6. chanel capers says:

    Ummmmm, looks so yummy. Will be trying this the next time I fix a turkey. Thanks for breaking the steps done so easy

  7. Celestra Oceans says:

    Love love love this!!!!!!!!! Thank you Keep these coming!! Very helpful ❤️

  8. Heather Honey says:

    Oh WOW! Wonderful good stock for most any soup. Or use on instant potatoes, when we don't have the real thing

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