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Morning Ya’ll it is 14 degrees
and it says it feels like 4 and I think it feels like negative 20
yes I know it’s cold outside so, I am braving the weather going to the
store I told you guys back in December
I’ll put a link down below for the video That I was working on something personal and
I would update you guys around like February 22nd
basically show you like before and after results so if you haven’t figured it out yet
I’m like working out and trying to be healthier
So today I am going…I’ve got a chili recipe online cause I really like chili
and it’s super super cold that I’m going to make so that way
it makes meals easier for the week and I’m kind of tired of eating
chicken breasts every day for lunch and I grill the chicken breast and it says it’s
19 degrees right now outside and…..are you seeing where I’m going with this? I’m not gilling chicken breasts today cause
it’s way too cold that and I don’t know I don’t like meal prepping chicken breasts all
that much there just very bland to me even when I put cheese and avocado and stuff on
it. Sometimes it is nice to kind of switch it
up so, chili is a fantastic alternative So that’s kind of my update I took so after
pictures yesterday but I haven’t compared it to my footage I’ve basically just have…I
shot the footage in December and it is sitting on my computer and I haven’t even looked at
it I don’t even want to see it But I’m so tempted to go look and see my results cause
I got to be honest I kind of slacked for probably a couple of weeks So I’m not trying to put
on a ton of muscle and be super big I’m just looking to be lean fit and pack on a bit more
muscle that’s really all that I’m going for. I hope ya’ll enjoy the lens flare that’s rocking
right now the sun has been brutal this morning so anyways I got groceries all ready got some
flowers for my wife and now we are headed back to the house let’s go cook some chili
Hi good morning, Morning, How’s it going? Good, how are you? Good! what can I get for you? Just a grande cappuccino. Got it grande hot cappuccino. perfect. alright sometimes if I don’t say hot cappuccino
they get confused at the window and think they ordered a frozen one. ohhh got you, no a hot one. I think it’s very different. yeah, hahaha. I like to specify on that one. Alright anything else for you? That’s it. Alright grande cappuccino see you around the
corner. Alright thanks! They are just so nice at my local Starbucks. So I actually only get Starbucks any time
I have a gift card. I don’t spend money on Starbucks unless I
get gift cards which around Christmas time I always get a bunch of gift cards and I’m
at the tail end now mid January I’ve used them all up! That might be my last grande cappuccino. It’s nothing personal I just never think about
Starbucks ever. Unless I have a gift card. Hello. We’re back at the house. I’m just kidding. Alright we’re back at the house I don’t know
if it’s because of where I live or what but our grocery store a lot of time when I find
healthy recipes online Sorry I need to adjust ya’ll Our grocery store doesn’t ever have
the correct ingredients I feel like so for this one it’s supposed to get a 28oz can of
crushed tomatoes with no salt added this was the lowest sodium one that I could find and
then I was supposed to get petite diced tomatoes no salt added all I could find was diced tomatoes
no salt added I think that was it every thing else I was able to find No, and it wanted
kidney beans no salt added I found a low sodium version of that the recipe also calls for
sea salt though so what I’ll probably do is make it and like taste it in 30 minutes or
so cause it cooks for about an hour on the stove and if I need to add salt I’ll add salt
so basically I’ll just forgo the salt for right now and then if it needs salt I’ll add
salt So let’s get to cookin! Why you making me cry sometime you get onions
that are like real bad that’s a real bad onion hurt my feelings. five cloves of garlic minced
Good gosh I’m still crying from that onion man next step of the process is to saute the
onion and garlic in a little bit of olive oil until it’s fragrant then we add the ground
turkey and drain the excess liquid as necessary Alright one tablespoon of olive oil. You’ve never seen turkey enter a pan so good
have you? a few more items while the turkey is browning
one green bell pepper one red bell pepper dose jalapenos and that’s all that I have
left to cut up. The lid is optional you don’t have to put
a lid in. Alright we’re going to let that sit for about
an hour we’ll come back and check it stirring occasionally I’m going to have some good chili
for lunch! ohhh man it smells so good in here! Chili so far it’s been cooking for about an
hour but I think I had the heat too low on it. Cause look at the bell peppers. they got a ways to go! so, I cranked up the
heat a bit I might just let it cook for like 3 hours I don’t know I don’t see that being
a problem So I turned up the heat a little bit and I’m just going to keep letting it
cook which means I don’t get to have this for lunch. but I’ll have it for dinner. Alright Chili is done. There’s my finished product. We’ll give it a taste So I ended up cooking
this for like three hours. So the recipe said to cook it for like and
hour but at the hour point the bell peppers were still al dente or the technical term…crunchy. And yeah I don’t like chili like that so I
mean I guess it’s all personal preference but every chili recipe that I look up online
they are always like cook it for an hour. Not every recipe. But, a lot of them that you see online they
say cook for an hour and I don’t ever remember people cooking chili for an hour It was always
like a long process in a slow cooker or on the stove and it cooked for hours I think
I actually ended up cooking this for three or four hours and it’s delicious. So I guess that a personal preference thing
let me know down in the comments below what you guys think should chili be cooked for
just an hour or is it like a slow process? That’s the way I always had chili. People would say yeah come over I’m cooking
chili and they would start cooking it at noon and then we’d have it for dinner you guys
tell me let me know down below how long should chili be properly cooked for? So I hope you enjoyed todays vlog. Oh wait hang on ya’ll got to watch me eat
it mmmm. hang on. Boom! man that looks good doesn’t it? That’s a good Turkey Chili I do have to say
I like beef chili better but turkey chili is healthier so if you enjoyed todays vlog
cooking with millennial nate hit the thumbs up be sure to click the subscribe button down
below. and put down in the comments what’s better
beef chili or turkey chili…actually you don’t need to answer that beef chili tastes
so much better. but this does taste really really good so
if you’re looking for a good turkey chili recipe give this one a go it’s delicious. See you guys next time later!

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