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Hi Food Tube. Kerryann here. I’m going to show you how to make a great classic. Homemade chicken Kiev it’s a great recipe. chicken breast stuffed with garlic
butter and bacon and then breaded and fried. Perfect as a weekend treat or to impress your friends at dinner
party its from my old friend Jamie Oliver’s book Comfort Food. We’re gonna make it from
scratch. So to start, I’ve got four rashers of smoked streaky bacon and I’m gonna
fry that in a nice medium hot pan until it’s lovely and
crispy. Over here I have four skinless chicken breasts. Now I’m gonna
go into the thickest part of the breast which is here with the tip of a sharp knife. We need to make a pocket to stuff it
with our lovely butter and bacon. We don’t wanna go all the way
through. We’ve got a nice little pocket there. Lets get another chicken breast. Oh this one’s being a little bit naughty. Beautiful Now I’ve just touched raw chicken so that’s why I just ran over to the sink to wash my hands, because raw meat and cooked meat are not best friends. Make sure you wash your hands in between all of your jobs. That’s getting nice and crispy and that bacon looks like it’s about ready. Lets get this down on the kitchen towel
because we don’t want it to be greasy and then we’re gonna use some homemade garlic and herb butter. If you wanna see how I did this click on
the butter and check it out. I’m going to slice it. So, chicken breast and some butter, and stuff it in to that little pocket there. And then I’m just going to take some bacon. Now guys if you don’t eat pork that’s absolutely fine. You don’t have to put the bacon in. A bit more butter. And then we’re gonna make sure that’s closed up nicely. Beautiful. Next we need to create a crispy outer
layer and to do that we need to put it in breadcrumbs. In France they call this penne Anglais. Me, I just tend to call it food glue. I’ve got three teaspoons, ordinary, all-purpose flour. In here I’m gonna have two large eggs. These are free-range and just lightly beat these two eggs, just to combine them really. On this plate I’ve got about 150g of white breadcrumbs. You can use wholemeal if you want. You can use panko if you want to. Bit of Parmesan? Play around So, we’re going to be coating the chicken in flour nice and gently cos we don’t want all the the good stuff to fall out. dust off any excess and then straight into the egg, because the egg is going to act as the glue for the breadcrumbs to stick to. And out of the egg into the breadcrumbs. Now if you are a little bit unsure and you’re worried that all your lovely herby butter is going to leak out you can double dip. So I’m going to do that here with this one but normally I would only do one one layer. Now I’ve got a nice non-stick pan over a medium to high heat and I’m gonna add some sunflower oil. About two centimetres. So in we go with you my friend. That one as well. Now guys if you want to save a little bit of time and put the breadcrumbs on these and leave them in the fridge overnight just make sure they’re well covered, well wrapped kept at the bottom of the fridge and you’ll be absolutely fine. So lets have a little look. Oh look at that. That just makes me so happy. We just want to get them nice and golden
like this on all sides. If you wanna be extra, extra healthy just
put them on a tray with a little drizzle of olive oil put them in the oven for 20-25 minutes and they’ll be absolutely fine. They won’t be as crispy as if you’d fried them but they’ll still taste absolutely great. Lets have a look at this under here. Oh yes! Wowzers, Here’s the last one. Now i’m going to wash my hands. Again. Okay, so I’ve fried them off. Look how lovely and crispy and golden they are. I’m going to put these in the oven. It’s pre-heated at 180 degrees. For about 10 minutes until they’re cooked through. See you soon my friends. Oh they smell so good. And we’ve had a little bit of leakage. But you know what, in the grand scheme of things it’s not that bigger deal. I mean they’re sitting in the butter that’s leaked. So they’ll be soaking it up anyway. Right, what I’m going to serve them with is broccoli mash. It’s literally just some mashed potatoes with some mashed broccoli running through it. If you wanna see how I make basic mash and a few other different
great types of mash as well click the link and they’ll take you straight to my video. Bit more. A little bit of spinch and rocket salad. Lovely. Now, it’s the moment guys. Oh wow! Look at that. All those herbs and the bacon and the garlic. Oh I wish you could smell this guys. Google glass you need to come up with smelly vision. Smelly vision? Smelly vision. Ha ha ha! That is so amazing. So there you have it guys. Home made chicken kiev. Give it a go let me know how you get on in the comment box below. Tell me if you did anything different, if you used any different flavoured butters. Different kind of breadcrumbs. If you cooked it differently. But most importantly if you enjoyed it. For loads more great recipes don’t forget to check out Jamie’s new book Comfort Food. And i’ve got a great channel with loads more lovely recipes on it just for you. Click the link to check it out now guys. Most importantly have fun, enjoy yourself. Happy cooking! I’ll see you later.

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