Unboxing Singer Electric Multi Cooker MC50A

Hi! My name is Aman… Hi! My name is Azam… (Giggles..) Today we will do unboxing of a thing Azam… what is it? this is the thing! this is Electric Multi.. (tongue twist) (tongue twist) (tongue twist) Electric Multi Cooker from Singer from Singer Singer this is the cooker.. this is the cooker menu(manual) at the bott.. at the bottom wait a sec.. let me do it Azam Azam.. ha.. ha.. look at the inside Azam you show and I’ll do this.. this is it inside there is is this.. look at this.. it can do this.. this is for cooking ha this the menu (manual).. this is the wok (inner pot actually).. this is the lid.. the Charger (power cord).. that is it that is it (tongue twist) Cook cooker (tongue twist) Multi (tongue twist) Multi (tongue twist) bye!.. bye!.. bye!.. bye bye.. bye bye.. bye bye.. See you next time.. This is Electric Multi Cooker (tongue twist)… bye bye.. Dont’t forget to subsc.. Dont’t forget to subscribe..

One comment on “Unboxing Singer Electric Multi Cooker MC50A”

  1. DinoBloxGirl says:

    ush! tu mesti mak korang punya kan? XD

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