Using a rice cooker

if you’re an athlete and you need a lot
of carbohydrates I would recommend rice as your go-to I’m showing you how to use
a rice cooker cooking rice is real cheap to use rice cooker all you’ll do is to
open it up there’s a metal insert tray you have a container here that is five
cups worth here is things that pop out okay it says
liters and cups so all I’m gonna do is I’m going to fill it up to five
the five top line tick mark okay into the rice cooker like so close turn it on and because
this is Jasmine rice I’m actually gonna cook it on the brown rice setting white
rice takes short amount of time to cook also what effects cooking time is the
amount of rice that you’re cooking after a couple minutes you’re gonna want to
flip it over let the rice fall out of the tray should look like a rice cake at
this point you want to mash it up so you could store it in your fridge and have
it easily accessible and voila

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