Veg Frankie Roll | बहुत ही स्वादिष्ट मुँह मे पानी लाने वाला हेल्दी फ्रेंकी रोल | Frankie Roll Recipe

Hello Friends, Welcome to the Masala Kitchen For the Frankie, there is a special kind of Frankie masala There are some sauces And there are some vegetables also And a Chapati is there So Frankie is very much healthy But we can change the Chapati We can make it more healthy We can put vegetables in it So that it will be more healthy So today we will in this video First of all, I am telling you that in the street food The Chapati is used Which type of Chapati is that? Which type of Chapati we will use? I will tell you that later See! I am taking 1/2 bowl of All Purpose Flour 1/2 bowl of Wheat Flour Put some Salt in it Put 1 tsp of Oil And then normally We have to bind it Like we generally bind the dough for the Chapatis See! We have taken here some Wheat flour By applying some Oil We will then For around For 30 mins We will keep it aside So that it will get set properly Now we will make The cutlet that we use in it First of all In the pan Around 1 tbsp of We will put Oil Put 1/2 tsp of Cumin Seeds Cumin seeds start roasting now Now we will put some Ginger and Garlic And Green Chilies Put the Garlic if you like it Turn the flame slow I am taking some Carrot Grated carrot We will take some Capsicum If you have some other vegetables then you can put them as well As per the taste Put Salt according to the cutlet I have put 1 tsp of it Some Garam Masala 1/2 tsp of Cumin Powder 1/2 tsp of Coriander Powder 1/2 tsp of Little less than 1/2 tsp Because we will put Sauces also Put some Red Chili Powder And we will put 1/2 tsp of Mango Powder I am putting in it 3 boiled Potatoes In this way Mash it with your hands In this way, you have to Mix it You can see, with the masher I have mashed it And in it I have put some Coriander Leaves We have turned off the flame And we will take it out and let it for cooling down For Frankie I want a Green Chutney I have made many videos of Green Chutney In so many recipes In sandwiches also I will share the link How will this Green Chutney remain Green.. And will remain thick So it is the Green Chutney This is The Tomato Ketchup With that I have added the Garlic Chutney in that You can take any sauce or Chili Sauce also Chili Garlic Sauce Red Chili And here I am taking which is specially for the Frankie In Vinegar I have put some chopped Green Chilies And I have put some Salt in it A tangy taste will come in it Because of this only If you don’t want to use Vinegar Then take some Lemon Juice and Put some water and some salt And then put some chopped Green Chilies It tastes so good Now we have the masala of Frankie You can see, I have taken here 1/2 tsp of Common Salt We will take 1/4 tsp of Black Pepper Powder We will take 1/2 tsp of Black Salt 1/2 tsp of Kashmiri Red Chili Powder Take 1 tsp of Chaat Masala 1 tsp of Coriander Powder 1 tsp of Cumin Powder We will mix all of these If you don’t have Chaat Masala then you can use Mango Powder also So in this way I have made the masala for Frankie As there is some technical problem So you missed that So we have to just mix it And we can make it and keep it also Now here we have some Potato It gets cool down now We will make it thin and long We will make the Patty in this way Now we have done some preparations here Now we are going to make the Chapati for it Now we will check this dough Very amazing It is set now Generally the Chapati we makes It should be little thin than that So in this way, you can make the dough balls You can make the Chapati from the Wheat flour also But in market, they don’t use that Because By using All Purpose Flour in it, they can spread it as much as they want Big and thin Chapatis will be made See! It is so thin This Chapati Make it on the Tawa like this We have to cook it very lightly Only this much we have to cook it Whenever some guests are coming Or if someone is coming at home Or if you are making it for your children So you can do the preparations at least 80% Then only Few work will remaining Then we have to arrange it only We will now keep this Chapati aside Now whenever we have to This For Frankie We have to make the Cutlets So put some Butter And some Oil Look at this The Potato Cutlet we have We have to Wrap it with All Purpose Flour or Corn Flour or Rice Flour or with anything And very lightly By wrapping, it will not scatter It will get cooked so perfectly And you can make it and keep it So in this way These are fried lightly now We want it like this only Till now it is all okay Now you must be thinking That I was saying that we can make it more healthy How to make it healthy? See! I have already made some These are Rice Flour’s Chapati It is so thin and so amazing Chapati See! I have already uploaded its video You must watch that video How to make this Chapati…. How to bind the dough of Rice Flour, that is the main thing Then only we can make the Chapati soft and thin Now when you have the chapati Make it so healthy Make the Frankie from it So you can make it and there is no tension in it Kids will finish their Lunch box So you can make it with Rice Flour’s Chapati also I am showing you And I will share its link You can use this Chapati also But I like this Chapati more than this one See! Now when we arrange it So… Put some Butter on the Tawa And to this Chapati In this way with Butter We will roast it That is why, we had roasted it very lightly Now keep it aside In the same way Roast the other Chapatis also In the same way roast the Rice Flour’s Chapati also It is a very delicate Chapati First of all, we will Take the Green Chutney Apply it like this Here we will Keep a Cutlet like this On it We will apply this Sauce You can adjust its quantity according to your taste Here we will put some long chopped Onion on it Then on it Put these Green Chilies Now we will put The masala of Frankie It is very important ingredient At this time Cabbage is available of good quality because it is seasonal So you can use it Or else you can put some grated Carrot also Now In this way Roll it In the same way We will make one more We are making it with normal Chapati now You can grate some Cheese also in it In this way Make a tight roll like this So in this way You can use so much of Cheese also in it You can give in the lunch box to your children Or you can make it in the morning breakfast also You will like it a lot And the masala we have made at home Make the chutneys of your choice And must make the Frankie And if you will change its base So it will be so healthy And you will like it a lot So if you liked my video so please like it Share it as much as you can And must subscribe this channel.

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