Veg Pulao in Rice Cooker!

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36 comments on “Veg Pulao in Rice Cooker!”

  1. desiboy143 says:

    Seriously sir intro naa gurinche annattu undi naluka chachipoyi YouTube open chesa

  2. kunal gaurav says:

    at least use some english sub title . people from other part of India can understand as well


    Bagoledhu sar

  4. srilakshmi says:

    Rice veyaka mundhu kaastha chilli sauce or rice vesina tharuvatha kastha Soya sauce vesthe it give veg biryani taste….
    Meeru chesindhi antha taste raadhu….
    Atleast add some taste items

  5. Jyothi Reddy says:

    super rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr taste taste 😀

  6. pala srini says:

    Lovely Pulav

  7. Suhas Chowdary says:

    Excellent brother.. Ilanti videos chala avasaram eerojullo manushulaki.

  8. Agani Kalpana says:


  9. padmaja kosaraju says:

    Ginger garlic paste lekapothe baguntadha

  10. Aravind Dara says:


  11. S c says:

    Ginger garlic paste edi sir

  12. Nani Naidu says:

    Nice Biryani

  13. Elizabeth D says:


  14. KASi KASi says:


  15. KASi KASi says:


  16. hariadari chemical1996 says:

    tq bro I Ville try

  17. Poshetty Poshetty says:


  18. Ashok Kumar says:

    పులావ్ అన్నా బిర్యానీ అన్నా ఒకటేనా

  19. techno-social says:

    ee cooker ekkada dorukutundandi e model?

  20. Vara lakshmi Bodapothula says:

    it's fake

  21. divya atluri says:

    wher is the ginger garlic paste

  22. village videos says:

    మకు ఎప్పుడు తెలుసు

  23. rosy rosy says:

    Sir wera ru from nise job

  24. Lakshimi M says:

    nu america vellav ani cheppdam avasrama ravala repu adukkune vadu kuda velthundu america vanta chyadaniki vachhav chyi anthy

  25. Zik Zak says:

    Good bro

  26. Zik Zak says:

    By the way you can't fry at rice cooker ok because of auto off function

  27. Zik Zak says:

    You get only 70% cooked rice at rice cooker because of rice cooker never goes more than 80°c so your rice will always don't buy rice cooker for perfect rice.

  28. Anil Kumar says:

    Super Sir

  29. S2S Enterprises says:

    i prepared its came nicely …thank you for this video..

  30. Sindhura Bat says:

    chala bagundhi anna.

  31. Sanju Sanju says:

    thank you thank you so much bro thank you thank you so much

  32. Akasa Swapna says:

    Not good

  33. Saikumar Peela says:

    Where is the salt

  34. Vaibhavjh Shiva says:

    Meeru cheppe vidhana sarigga ardhamayetattu cheppandi oka glas rice ki entha water thisukovali alha correct ga cheppithe andariki ardham avuthundi

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