Vegan Seitan Steak – The Best Vegan Steak!

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  1. thewinterland says:

    I made these after finding them on Pinterest. I can honestly say ( and I've cooked seitan lots of different ways) that this is The Best Seitan receipe out there. It's freaking amazing and I will be is using it for years to come! Thankyou so much!

  2. Melhut65 says:

    Okay so I showed my not yet vegan 15 year old son the image of your Seitan Steak and said, "So if I make this, will you try it?" to which he replied, "Actually! Yes I would." This made me feel excited and inspired to make it in the very near future:)

  3. Melhut65 says:

    Also! I originally became vegan for health reasons, but then I tapped into all of the documentaries and I'm embarrassed to say that right after I watched some of those very heart wrenching videos, I made some comments on some vegan you tube videos with cries and complaints saying, " Why would you replicate foods made with animal products?" I became very self righteous and I'm not proud. It made sense at the time. But now that I am 2 years and 5 months in, I have an understanding that these meats that I ate for over half of my life, on their own would be very bland. Those meats that- sadly- I used to eat- don't own certain seasonings and sauces. We can use those seasonings and sauces on these cool recipes that we make with plant based ingredients and what an amazing thing! AND it makes being vegan MUCH MORE sustainable!!!

  4. Rut Tur says:

    The split second devil clip.. I'm dead lol

  5. David Cripps says:

    What is she on!

  6. Robotron Sage says:

    Love it!

  7. LaCocinadera says:

    Very well said at the end of the video! Thanks!

  8. Rian girl says:

    i do not like soy sauce at all

  9. Art Galore says:

    Love the video. I love making plant based steaks. People should stop saying stupid things like "Why make substitutes?" I rather eat something that's a substitute, feel good about it when I'm eating it and feel healthy. I like the texture of meat and the flavor so if I can substitute with these cool dishes, it's nothing wrong with it. My reason for transitioning wasn't for the same reason most people do. Mine was because I just don't trust the meat that's produced nowadays. I noticed that once I started eliminating meat out of my diet, the pain in my fingers which could have easily been developing arthritis, went away. An old unchecked injury to my left foot that I had for a year healed itself after one month of no meat. The bottom of my feet used to hurt and feel tight in the mornings when I first woke up. One month after no meat eating, I can jump out of bed. Coincidence? I think not… so because I like the way meat taste, the way it is seasoned, and the texture of it in my mouth, I welcome the various meatless plant-based meat. Besides this makes you become a chef in the kitchen LOL.

  10. 4themotherload says:

    Are you real!

  11. Simone Graham says:

    Well done……..and well explained at end of Video 🙂

  12. ROB T says:

    this is the best you tube channel in the world – thanks – awesome – amazing – so good mmmm,mmmm,mmmm

  13. Milton Humphus says:

    This looks so good Sam thank you for recipe and a good video 🙂

  14. Clicker4949 Clicker4949 says:

    Hi! Can you do this recipe without the liquid smoke? This recipe looks so good! Thanks!

  15. Milton Humphus says:

    Hi Sam I made these yesterday my wife and I really liked them , again thanks for the recipe good steaks the best i've tried yet 🙂

  16. mistymountains says:

    omg i wanna make this with some mashed potatoes and mushroom gravy!!!!

  17. pre nuptials says:

    I always knew vegans were satanists.

  18. TheMatron'sMilitia says:

    Have you ever made vital wheat gluten from scratch? It's kinda fun

  19. Da Brickbat says:

    Hi, Any chance you could kill the annoying cheesy music? I love your recipes but It makes your videos unbearable. 5 mins in I can't take it anymore and I have to stop the video.

  20. Briana Roberts says:

    I LOVED this recipe!! This is the first time I have made Seitan and I am so glad That this is the recipe I found! My husband and kiddo kept eating it (even thought I was part of my meal prep for the week 🤦🏻‍♀️). I will ABSOLUTELY be making this again! Thank you!

  21. James Fisher says:

    How do vegans need to make their food look like meat? It's actually mental illness. Stop making your food look like meat retards

  22. 777Eliyahu says:

    I am vegan but I still eat chicken and beef because it tastes good

  23. MRiGOThim says:

    Do not like the texture…I’m a carnivore😩

  24. John Rusic says:

    I just like to learn how to cook and do not need the fancy, overacted hype.Sorry, can't watch this.

  25. Kathryn Roytel says:

    Hey Sam! I tried this recipe for the first time tonight (never used vital wheat gluten before!) and omg it took me 10-15mins to clean my food processor after making these 😂 so sticky and the steaks also stuck to my steamer basket lol. They tasted good but i think i will put less chili and soy sauce in next time 😊

  26. Names Bond says:

    this is the same as masturbating

  27. Susan Elena Loiacono says:

    You go girl Yummy 😋💋💋 💋

  28. David Watson says:

    For those who say "Why make things that replicate meat", I always reply with this…chickens don't look like McNuggets. Cows don't look like pot roast. Pigs don't look like bacon. Humans have made them look like them. So now, we make plants look like them. What's the problem?

  29. C says:

    okay i've tried almost EEEEVERY FUCKING VEGAN STEAK RECIPE on youtube, and this is the simplest and best one, definitely!
    Thank you so much.

  30. Brad Parris says:

    If I’m simply making a vegetarian option instead a vegan one can I use cheese instead of nutritional yeast I had substituted it in another vegan recipe that I found I just wanted to know if that ingredient was majorly important to this steak since I’m starting to become vegetarian in a about week for the first time

  31. Svetlana Apaeva says:

    Thank you, Sam! Your seitan looks great. Going to make it for sure!

  32. Eliza says:

    You give me a headache

  33. johno4521 says:

    However did we manage before millennials came along…..

  34. moviemaker60fps says:

    She is a riot BUBBLY PERSONALITY. Good recipe. I know how to make seitan, and I saw some seitan steaks, but I could not figure out how to make the steak out of the seitan I had made. Now I see what she has done with the lentils and all of that and steaming it after she makes the dough with those ingredients in it. So I am now ready to make my own. Thanks, SAM (which I guess means Samantha).

  35. Stephanie Fayad says:

    You are so entertaining😁 thanks for the recipe!! This is the first Seitan I will attempting and judging from the comments I have lots of confidence.

  36. Milton Humphus says:

    Hey Sam you knocked the ball outta the park with this one , I made these yesterday my wife and I loved them , good recipe lady thank you much , long story short I never did see a chicken that looked like a McNugget lol , I'm outta here 🙂

  37. Mary S says:

    @9:15 Great answer! Thank you for the fantastic recipe – making some "steaks" tonight. 🙂

  38. Applewood Acres says:

    Sam, I have just made these and currently tucking into a steak sandwich! OH MY LORDY LORDY! Absolutely delicious, this is one of the easiest steak recipes I have tried and I have got to confirm to anyone out there looking for a good vegan steak, this is most def the BEST! BOOM! Brilliant, Thank you so much 🙂 x P.S I bet you could also blend it back into a crumb and use for spag bol or shepherds pie? I might have to make another batch and try.

  39. Evan-Oliver says:

    When you pretend to care but also ask ppl to buy from a Amazon.

  40. Louis Laszlo says:

    Satan steaks, LOL.

  41. Dave Hartley says:

    I don’t have a steamer. How else could I cook these steaks?

  42. blueberry ocean says:

    This was the best seitan ever!!!!! I have tried so many recipe of seitan but this recipe was the best and easiest !!!!
    2nd time when I cook this, I used Tamari + Shiokoji mixed instead of soysauce. That was also good.
    I love the idea which is mixing all ingrudience in a food processor. Love this recipe soo much !!!! And I love all of your videos!!!!!!! Thank you very much.

  43. PACERGIRL68 says:

    Found you on Pinterest and looked for Youtube video. Glad I did. I am one who can not stand the taste of meat any more due to illness and medications and have eaten seitan for years on and off but wanted a better recipe for steaks and from those comments it looks like I have found a winner. Thank you for your time posting this.

  44. ChrissyGillis1969 says:

    Can these be frozen for future use before steaming and grilling?

  45. Angela Denizac says:

    You remind me so much of one of my sweetest friends, Alana, she's equally enthusiastic when speaking. She always makes me smile. I look forward to trying this recipe and throughly loved the Irish stew recipe.

  46. Dev Ram says:

    You should cover your beautiful blonde hair before preparing food, but i guess a little hair would add some protein. hee hee

  47. John Haught says:

    Great video and your closing comments about the broader meanings of food were spot on. Love your book too! Working my way through! Cheers!

  48. Rolondo Martinez says:

    I am on a low animal protein diet( for my goal) I mainly eat 3 pounds of wild caught sea food for the week and even with this little protein I have more muscle mass than my friend who eats so much meat( dude should try veggies get those fiber gains) how affordable is this. I been looking for alternatives so that I can consume more plant based proteins and not consume as much seafood😅. Please don’t tell me anything about beans, I eat those for protein already. So a affordable alternative would be awsome. Also I eat tofu

  49. Julika7 says:

    Whoah how annoying!

  50. Larry Richelli says:

    I'm so in love with this lady!

  51. Lucinda says:


  52. Hello There says:

    Where are the measuring portions?!

  53. Kayla Austin says:

    There is a sub for vwg.. . You can just use flour and wash the starch out, there are tons of videos people making it that way also.

  54. Andrew Sparling says:

    Yum! I just had Seitan sausage for the First time from Sausage Party Toronto, and i'm hooked! I am curious where you source your seitan in Toronto? I cant find any. Thank you so much, I love your recipes!!

  55. Monica Hammond says:

    Hi Sam!! What can I do for the substitution of steaming? I don’t have a steamer basket. It’s on my list but I wanted to make the steaks this weekend.

  56. Penelope Potts - u4tru says:

    yay!! goning to grab vital wheat gluten! 🙂

  57. tazztone says:

    are you using this knife on this beautiful table without a cutting board often?

  58. N T says:

    Wow you are an incredibly annoying person

  59. clajatheperson says:

    I haven’t had steak in nine years, so I can’t remember how it tasted in perfect detail, but I tried this recipe and it’s really delicious. It doesn’t taste or have the same texture of how I used to eat steaks (medium rare), but it does have a nice chewy texture and a rich savory taste with a touch of sweetness from the syrup. I’ll be making a lot more of these from now on.

  60. Monica Hammond says:

    So I made these and they turned out awful. They looked good but didn't taste good. After reading comments, I think I over kneaded the dough. I'll try again and hopefully have better luck. Also, they were very, very bland and i measured all ingredients out exactly.

  61. lattydaddy07 says:

    Great words at the end!!

  62. Constance Keller says:

    I'm gluten free and I do not associate with anyone who doesn't support my dietary requirements.
    I'm joking.
    I'm gluten free (Celiac) but I dont treat people like jerks for eating gluten.

  63. Angel Garrido Burgo says:

    Wow! I just prepared it and it's awesome! Thank you so much for the recipe 😋😋

  64. Pat Parker says:

    I made thi for dinner today-first time using VWG as I made my own seitan by flour wash method previously. Came out beautiful;! Thankyou!

  65. Sara Lopez says:

    2 cups vital wheat gluten , 1 cup of lentils, water

  66. Sara Lopez says:

    Where is the. recipe

  67. Sherry Livering says:

    Great video! I am a low fat vegan (WFPBNO). What can I replace the oil with in this recipe?

  68. JDR says:

    I just tried this recipe and it's mind-blowingly delicious as everything you always do. I never liked seitan until I tried this recipe. Thank you so much 🙂

  69. gladtidings4all says:

    Just get to it too much talking

  70. gladtidings4all says:

    Why not just mix it in glass bowl I don’t use plastic

  71. Pamela Gauthier says:

    Lovely ending message! Yay!

  72. Maria V says:

    I am having a tough day but your videos really cheer me up and motivate me to cook more often. I am a semi vegetarian and hope to one day work my way up to being vegan!! Love your bubbly personality and energy!! Lots of love from Peru!!!!💕

  73. Bobbie says:


  74. Karina Mazur says:

    Great recipe but i wish you added the amounts so i dont have to redirect to another site to make it.

  75. Stephany Turner says:

    Love your personality and kitchen. Subscribed ❤

  76. Taylor Daley says:

    “Seitan” not “satan” inserts satan gif

    Me: immediately subscribes

  77. Andr says:

    im not even vegan but i love the energy in this video!👏

  78. Tab and Ken says:

    If you don't want others preaching to you what you eat, do't preach to others what they eat as vegans frequently do by telling non-vegans to go vegan. It's false that animal agriculture is destroying the environment. What do you think is used to feed your plants?

  79. Bill Baggins says:

    1:29 Is that what you say before sex?

  80. Ae says:

    I seriously want to commandeer your kitchen and cook you a vegan meal down to a giant vegan croquembouche

    Don’t make fun of me Donald Trump and Justin Trudeau won’t even let me live in Canada can you imagine but I think I’m gonna walk from Ottawa to NY next year. If I see you in Toronto I’ll say that I’m your biggest fan on Youtube

  81. RJ King says:

    Everybody needs a little black cooking dress

  82. Gwendolyn Carson says:

    Do I have to use tomatoes paste, yuck?

  83. Amy Prusinski says:

    What type of food processor do you have?? My husband discovered how much protein seitan has and is finally on board to make it in bulk haha! (Slowly getting him away from meat products)

  84. Flotshy Botshy says:

    Is Seitan healthy?

  85. Srbin Srbin says:

    Dont play with food .Shame on you

  86. Andrew Birch says:

    Just tell them they have your permission to 'bite you', dont explain yourself.

  87. Rob Jones says:

    Decent flavor. Very chewy – like well done. Dry. I think the beef industry is not down for the count yet.

  88. Ken Hill says:

    Great videos. Thanks. But the "music" is way loud and distracting for my old ears. I had to turn on captions.

  89. Whitney Rhea says:

    I hate eggs, but I didn’t want to go vegan bc of it lol…I went vegan bc of my own values

  90. Regan R says:

    I am a new vegetarian in a strongly carnivorous family and I like these meat-like recipes because it fits into large family suppers easier. At Thanksgiving, the entire extended family meal is planned around slices of roast turkey; with meat-like recipes like this, I only need to bring the appropriate seitan slices. I dont have to do extra work before arrival, not do I have to take up valuable stove top realty when supper is cooking.

  91. Mansi Karkhanis says:

    Question – Can I use cheese instead of nutritional yeast? How would that change the taste or texture?

  92. Knitting Nana says:

    I want to adopt you, LOL! I'm a granny, an italian granny. I am 70 years old and I have been a meat eater for my entire life, until 4 months ago. I wish I did this transition many years ago, as I have never felt better, both physical and morally. I do not miss meat, but this is so darn good. Little Lady, your cooking hit the spot. This recipe for vegan seitan is scrumptious, couldn't be happier, I can have my vegan steak and eat it too! And it is really yummy! I just bought your book on Amazon, too. Thank you, sweet girl.

  93. SR1Records says:

    I just followed this recipe to a tee and OMG! I'm not a vegan – i'm not even a vegetarian. Steak is my number 1 favourite food in the world. But i don't like the fat or the worry that i might chow down on a piece of gristle. However, after trying this "steak" there is no reason for me to buy a steak ever again because this is better! It's not just as good as – it's better!

    I finished this "steak" about 5 minutes ago and i can still feel the heat in my mouth (in a good way).

    Thank you so much for this recipe!

  94. Music4allofU says:

    Always love seeing the thumbs up rule. We will be making these very soon. I venture to say the dough would make great vegan burgers, meatballs etc. as well. I love the fact that you can put them right in the freezer.

  95. linda maria baxter says:

    What you doing is awesome, and I love you are cooking vegan. 🌱💪Just wanna give you a tip no offence, can you please lower your voice when you are talking in your videos as your voice is kind of “very high note & sharp’ ,and with the echo in the kitchen, it’s almost killing.
    It’s great that you are enthusiastic , would be even better with a ‘calmer voice’.

  96. Anthony Hunter says:

    I ran out of nutritional yeast making vegan Mac n cheese so is there any substitute or can I just omit? XD

  97. Mark Griffard says:

    Made these last night for my lady and I … they were amazing. Excellent texture. I now have two in the freezer and am about to try the chicken tender recipe. Good job, Sam!

  98. J&L says:

    I added 2 tbsp miso paste, ½ cup extra firm tofu, thyme as well as Montreal steak spice (salt free). I brushed them with some hickory smoked bbq sauce and my wife was blown away. She couldn't tell they weren't meat.

  99. Robert Campbell says:

    Made this tonight, used cooked black beans (I didn't want to wait for lentils and couldn't find them cooked and canned here), I enjoyed these and had one for lunch today. Very tasty I have to say. Planning to enjoy the remainder for dinner tomorrow!

  100. Saniye Bektaş says:

    I hate veganism. I even got rid of my vegan friends. I am so sorry for your health all vegans. B12 deficiency, malnutrition lol

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