VEGETABLE STIR FRY INDIAN STYLE | Mixed Vegetable Fry | Vegan Recipe

Hi everyone nomoshkar and welcome to curries
with Bumbi. Today I will be showing you a very easy yet
delicious Indian style stir fry recipe with vegetables. You can have this as a side dish with roti
or even rice . So let’s get started. You can use any vegetables here according
to your preference. I have sliced a carrot into long pieces, some
cauliflower, chopped green chilli, green beans and potatoes which I have kept in water to
prevent them from getting brown. I also need a tablespoon of grated ginger. Start by heating a pan over medium high heat. Add about 2 to 3 tablespoons of oil. Now I will be using a mixture of 5 type of
whole spices known as panch phoron in Bengali. It is available at any Indian grocery store
but if you want to make it I have a recipe for it on my channel. You can even use cumin seeds instead . Once
the oil gets hot, lower the heat of your stove to low and add the panch phoron. Stir for a second. As soon as you see those spices spluttering,
add the green beans. Stir them for about two to three minutes on
medium high heat. Then add the potatoes.You need to add the
vegetables in order according to their hard texture. Like the ones that take longest time to cook
should go into the pan first. Now, where I live, the potatoes get cooked
pretty fast. If at your place the potatoes take more time
to cook, then add the potatoes first and then the green beans. After stirring for two three minutes, add
the cauliflower. For any kind of stir fry recipe remember to
cut your vegetables into uniform size and thickness. In that way all your vegetables will get cooked
at the same time. The carrots come up last as they take less
time to get cooked compared to the rest . Next add some salt and then some turmeric powder,
the sunshine of Indian cuisine. Now cover the pan and let it get cooked on
low heat. In the meantime in a bowl add the grated ginger,
some cumin powder. I like adding cumin powder in these type of
stir fry recipes as it gives a nice smoky kind of flavor. Add about 3 tablespoons of water to this and
mix very well. From time to time remember to stir your vegetables. I will now add the ginger and cumin mix. Then cover it again. In between uncover , give a mix and check
whether the vegetables are done or not. For an Indian style stir fry you need to cook
the vegetables to the point when they will turn soft but the vegetables will still be
holding on to their shape. If you see your vegetables browning up too
much but they still need a little more time to become soft, then you may sprinkle little
bit of water but remember guys just a sprinkle will be enough to stop that over browning. My vegetables have now become soft to my desired
level of softness. Now just before switching off your stove some
freshness to the dish, roughly chopped coriander leaves. Please try this recipe I am sure you will
like it. If you have any questions or comments please
drop them down below and if you are new here please consider subscribing as it means a
lot to me. Eat healthy and stay healthy. Bye bye.

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