Vegetarian Bean Chili Recipe : Vegetarian Bean Chili Recipe Variations

So that is my vegetarian recipe and I hope
you enjoy it. I think it is a pretty good recipe I have made it for a lot of friends
and family and they all seem to like it. I think there is a lot of variations that you
can do on the recipe so don’t feel like you have to stay confined to the recipe that I
gave you. One time I added pineapple like slice pineapple to it and that was pretty
good. You can add more or less peppers depending on how hot and spicy you like it. You can
change the beans depending on what kind of bean that you like. More or less it is 2 cans
of beans, a can of a tomato, a half a can of corn, bell pepper, most of a medium onion
and however many peppers you want. This is the result right here it is really it is basically
bean and chili and I think it is really good and I hope you enjoy it. Right here we have
our Frito pie, this looks awesome I’m about to eat.

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