Vegetarian Chili for Everyone…even meatlovers

chef buck here and today we’re gonna
cook up some vegetarian chili which this is not
but camera girl made jalapeno corn muffins so I gotta make some chili so we
can polish off the rest of these muffins and a vegetarian chili is so easy to
make I got a lots of odds and ends in the fridge that I can throw together
to make this chili and it’s gonna be delicious … if you’ve never tried
a meatless chili before if you’re a die-hard carnivore… I don’t have a video
of this here she made it this morning before I got my butt out of bed but I will put the recipe for these corn muffins with this chili recipe over MyFoodChannel dot com and will
have it written down below but go over to MyFoodChannel dot com if you want to
print it out but let’s get started on this chili …we’ll get our pot
going on medium heat and add a little bit of oil …once the oil is hot we’re gonna throw in some onions so we’ll go ahead and get our
onions started in our chili and then I got a whole bunch of jalapeno pepper
here as we want lots of pepper and I’ll give these onions and
peppers a few minutes they have a three or four minute head
start now I’m gonna go ahead and throw in my bell peppers this is about one and
a half bell peppers I just had some odds and ends but you want to use a variety
of colors you know that’ll make your chili a lot more interesting then I’m
gonna add in some chopped garlic you want your chili to have a lot of flavor
… you know this was Jackson Pollock’s favorite chili I
bet all right so now we’re gonna add in our seasonings … lots of seasoning
this is key to a vegetarian chili you don’t want to skimp on the seasoning so
let’s stir our seasoning all around and we’ll give these peppers and onions a
little bit of time to cook up with these flavors
so we’re gonna toss in our beans and I’m gonna use a combo of beans I got some
garbanzo beans and then I got a can of dark kidney beans …and I’ve already got
these rinsed and drained all right it’s looking beany-licious so now we’ll
throw in all our other veggies and you can use whatever kind of veggies you
like … I got some leftover rutabaga … if you
don’t know what a rutabaga is I’ll put a link around to some rutabaga
videos and I got some odds and ends of cauliflower… we use a lot of
cauliflower and I like to save the stems for soups and whatnot but I’m just gonna
throw it in this chili I like to put zucchini and yellow squash in my
vegetarian chili but I didn’t have any squash so I’m just doing the zucchini…
nice big chunks we’ll go ahead and stir this around …and this is a weird ingredient but I like to throw a little dried oregano in there I like
that flavor rub it between my hands and release those flavors a little bit and I’m
gonna add a little tomato I got a big can of crushed tomatoes I’m gonna go
ahead and add a little water to this can and get the rest of this tomato out of
here man that looks hearty …and I got a couple of plum tomatoes I chopped up
here and if you wanted to you could add some tomato paste that’ll make a much
sweeter chili… I’m not gonna add any today I don’t want it to be too sweet
…and this is it, really, right now we’re just gonna heat this up and let it
simmer away but first I’m gonna add a little bit more water but you
want to be conservative with the water you don’t want to add too much just
enough to make sure that everything’s covered up …and it still
doesn’t look like much water this is all I’m gonna put in here so I’ve raised the
temperature up and I’m gonna go ahead and bring the pot up to a bubble and
then I’m gonna go ahead and reduce the heat down to a simmer and then I’ll cover it up and let it simmer away for a little
and I’m just gonna keep an eye on it and it doesn’t look overly wet right now but
you don’t want to put too much water in at this point because there’s a lot of
water in those vegetables and so that’s going to come out and it’s going to
liquify up and you don’t want it to be too watery so just let it simmer away
keep an eye on it and add water to it as needed but just be conservative …all
righty so it’s been simmering for about a half-hour and I haven’t added any
water to it at all but you can see it actually looks more
liquidy than when we started because all the water that’s in those veggies …but
I’m gonna let it continue to simmer away probably for another 15 minutes and
maybe I’ll add a little bit more water to them but I’m thinking I
might not cuz I like it nice and thick and hearty and I definitely don’t want
to water it down too much okay so it’s been another 15 minutes and I’m gonna go
ahead and turn it off look at that I tell you if you’ve never had a
meatless chili and you’re sort of like saying NO WAY I’m not going to
that dark side well don’t cuz once you go over there you won’t come back but whenever we make chili at home I always make a vegetarian chili now cuz
it’s just so easy to do you know and a great way to clean out your fridge but
we’ll just leave this sitting on the stove for a couple of hours and we’ll
ladle some up for dinner and as good as it tastes today it’s gonna taste even
better tomorrow that’s why it’s good to make a lot of vegetarian chili if you’re
gonna make it because as the days go pass it’ll just get even more delicious…
there’s our vegetarian chili we’re gonna try out and as you can see it’s the next
day because I have a different shirt on and a different haircut …. we
exercised some willpower and let this sit overnight so it’s gonna be even more
flavorful …I kept it in the pot overnight and warmed it up today and I still didn’t add
any water – look how hearty that is and that’s how I like a chili I don’t want
it to be soupy or overly wet I like it nice and chunky just
like a chili so be very conservative with the water it’s so good and it was good yesterday
but when these flavors sit overnight you know it’s well worth it if
you can make it in advance so add a lot of seasoning in there and
it’s gonna have a lot of flavor and it’s not just gonna taste like a big
vegetable soup it’s gonna taste like a nice chili…if you want to print this recipe
head on over toMyFoodChannel dot com and you can print all our recipes over there
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  9. Martine says:

    We like to add some chipotles in adobo sauce in our chili, it really makes the dish

  10. Vincent DiNatale says:

    I believe this is illegal lol

  11. ImmaLiving Again says:

    Thanks for the recipe.!)P i am making Vegetarian Chilli Tonight. Im actually converting my Boy Friend to Vegan. Which is awesome because just before we met he had had a heart attack sooo he said he wanted to clean his diet up soo its just soo great to be w someone who supports ya without a hassle 👍👍. Thanks Again you gave me some great tips. Annnnd i Subbed .!!). W Notifications !!))D
    Yall Have a great day 🤗🤗

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    This looks very similar to a chili I made earlier this week, except I put in a pound of ground turkey, so it wasn't vegetarian, and instead of having muffins, I added corn to the chili also.

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    I am in South Africa and with chef buck I never really struggle to get all the ingredients in my country, your recipes are very easy and too tasty my family love them.

  28. Glen & Friends Cooking says:

    Love the use of cauliflower stems – so much goodness in them, yet most people seem to throw them out. Perfect for this recipe!

  29. Alice Aman says:

    Love your recipes. I am "pescetarian" so I focus on most of your vegetarian and/or seafood recipes. I really enjoy how you seem to be creatve and often use ingredient combinations that are "outside the box".

    So.. wanted to let you know that I have found a new "trick" for vegetarian chili that has been amazing. Add sweet potato, cubed and steamed ahead of time. But then if you cook the chili long enough, no reason the sweet potato couldn't probably cook in the main pot.(I don't know but I bet you do with all your experience.)

    My vegetarian chili usually consists of lentils and most other standard ingredients. But one day I had a left over baked sweet potato in the fridge and VOILA! discovered something that is not now just a "second thought". With that success, I also have tried dried apricots chopped finely in the same recipe in place of the sweet potatoes – another nice addition. I bet dried figs or probably fresh figs finely chopped would work great too, do you think?

    And one last thing is that I often use about 1/2 to 3/4 cup of coconut milk (from the can – not "low fat") to thicken the chili. Not so healthy, I guess. Pretty good but nothing so far has been as good as the sweet potato. I bet pumpkin or acorn squash would work just as well.

    And another "last thing" would be to think about adding mushrooms sauteed with the onions or other veggies for the "umami" flavor. Do cajuns go in for "umami"?

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