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[funky upbeat intro music] Okay you lovely people, We’re gonna make a beautiful pasta dish. We’re gonna make Veggie Bolognese. This is from my new cookbook, Super Food Family Classics. We’ve taken one of the most classic family recipes, Spaghetti Bolognese, and we’ve made it Veggie. It’s really nutritious, it’s perfectly balanced, it’s 3 of your 5 fruit and veg a day, which is fantastic. And it’s bigging up wonderful ways to get your protein without eating meat, which is always really handy in modern day life. So look, we got, 2 sticks of celery, 2 carrots, 2 onions, 2 cloves of garlic. I’m using 20 grams of dried porcini here. That’s the only sort of ingredient you gotta find, really, but they’re in the supermarket, and this gives you the body of flavour, right. It’s a really humble, delicious meal. So, couple of tablespoons olive oil into a pan, put that on a medium heat. Celery, nice and fine. We’re gonna slice up some garlic here, and 2 sprigs of rosemary, finely chopped. 2 carrots, half a centimetre dice. This is a rustic, peasant dish, and it’s gonna make you really, really happy. I’m using red onions, you can use white if you want. Finely chop it. We’ve got that on a medium heat, and I’m gonna put a lid on. I’ll give that a little shake and just sort of slowly sweat that off, without colour, for about 15-20 minutes. Before I kind of disappear, I’m just gonna cover the dried porcini. It’s very savoury. It’s got a real, deep, incredible broth. So this has had about 20 minutes now. And it’s just frying away, nice and gently. I can just turn the gas up a little bit. 100 mills of Chianti goes in there. Let it cook away. So while that’s frying away, add couple of leaves of bay leaves. They can go in now. Let’s just roughly chop these mushrooms. These have rehydrated now. It’s only 20 grams, guys, but it’s big flavour. We’re gonna go in with the broth now, guys. We’re ending the frying process now. Often there’s kind of little bits of grit – discard that. You’re gonna go in with the tomatoes. Loosely bash those up, and they’ll fall apart as they cook. I’m just gonna put a swig of boiling water in each tin. Just swill it around. So, tomatoes are in. Now, lentils, and they’re brilliant. They absorb flavour, just like meat would. So, we’re just gonna break up some of those tomatoes, and we’re gonna turn the heat back down to sort of medium. And I’m gonna let that just kind of simmer, and blip away, for about 30 minutes. And then I’ll show you what to do next. So let’s have a little taste. This is your opportunity to add a little season. And the heat’s off now. I can put a little parsley through this lovely ragout. You could use basil if you wanted to. You can mix it up, or lovely marjoram, or something like that. In the pan next to it, I have some pasta. 80 grams per person. I’ve traded up from white pasta, spaghetti, to whole wheat pasta. 3 times the amount of fibre in whole wheat products. More B vitamins, so really, really good. So what I’m gonna do, is steal a little bit of water. I’m just adjusting the texture. And I want it to be nice and loose, so it just catches the pasta in a beautiful way. That pasta has had its sort of, 8 minutes now. It’s ready and raring to go. So, drain your pasta, and just keep a little bit of that cooking water, okay. And, I’ll show you why in a minute. So I’m just gonna do a couple of portions of this. Look at that. Just mix it up. Parmesan, 15 grams or so. The seasoning in the Parmesan just brings the lovely flavours together. Now it’s starting to get thick, now, right, and a bit claggy. And that’s not cool. So we’re gonna add some of that cooking water. And that’s gonna keep it nice, and loose, and gorgeous. So let’s plate this up. And before all the Veggies start telling me off saying that Parmesan is not vegetarian, this is actually a cheese called Bella Lodi which IS using a vegetarian rennet, and it’s very similar to Parmesan. So here we go. The lovely Veggie Bolognese. Get in there. Mmm. [fork scraping plate] Really good. Sort of slightly smokey from the rosemary, and from the porcini. Sweet from the tomatoes and you got all the veg that’s kind of just cooked into the lentils, the bea— that kind of ragouty sort of texture that we love. Please give it a go. Don’t write it off until you’ve tried it. If you want more inspiration then click the ‘i’ box up there. Super healthy and super delicious. And at the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about. [funky upbeat outro music]

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  1. Ryan HumanNotPerson says:

    That looks pukka, no grinded cow bones and cartilage for me

  2. SyrTyce says:

    This was unreal. I highly highly endorse this. I don't agree with all the timings and I used tomato paste as a short cut but unreal.

  3. Laura White says:

    AHHHH He mixed it up. Makes me uncomfortable and want to cry when I see it either being served mixed up or people mix it up it makes me so angry. If I got served it mixed up I would cry and send it back. (Don't go saying that's stupid I have autism and OCD)

  4. chocoluver18 says:


  5. Charlotte Cameron says:

    "It's only 20 grams, guys", I said that to the police, they didn't think it was funny.

  6. jakie em says:

    um… no. This is not bolognese

  7. Marcus Garvey says:

    Jamie is weak compared to ramsay

  8. robyn roots says:

    How is cheese not vegetarian, I know it's not allowed in a vegan diet

  9. Gayle Ayres says:

    This was delicious!  More plant based recipes please…so yummy!

  10. hopefully good says:

    Can I also use normal mushrooms

  11. RealEpicSammy says:

    He only ate 2 bits and threw the rest away

  12. mays misyef says:

    everyone says it tastes great but when i tried it it tasted worst than the lunch at my school (probably because i didn't have most of the ingredients and also because i am only 11)

  13. lanapantelic says:

    His wife is a happy wife

  14. jan groman says:

    The knife never goes into hot water !!! He will never be able to get perfect.

  15. aisha parker says:

    Love this so much!

  16. Noura Baszan says:

    Non alcoholic substitute?

  17. chap666ish says:

    Yumm, lovely.

    I'd eat pasta every day. Which is why I had to have wider doors fitter here…. 🙂

  18. hhg says:

    You had me right up until you said wholewheat pasta. NO… NO NO NO NO NO!!!

  19. Mariana Salles says:

    Beautiful, environmental-animal friendly dish🙏🏻🐮🌎✌🏻

  20. SpecialK says:

    Would love a vegan cookbook Jamie!

  21. Marvin Eastman says:

    what kind of parmesan grater is that?? I got to get me one of those!!

  22. Vanessa Kasandra says:

    Yeah! Love vegan recipes! Looks great, gonna try it out 👌❤

  23. Nguyen Elise says:

    Actually, I made it, but it missing something… Like the sauce doesnt stick to the spaghetti… Perhaps it needs to develop a kind of creamy bolognese sauce… I dont know. But I won't make this recipe again. :/

  24. Rahul Sudra says:

    Amazing, Jamie I loooveeeee you!

  25. Marvin Eastman says:

    Was that a "fine" or "course" grater used for that parmesean?!?

  26. Seema Nawathe says:

    hi jamie, you are an amazing cook but what can be used instead of celery its expensive in india so plz advice, and. mushroom we get button ones only

  27. Amroo Jgd says:

    That’s amazing !! Please give more veggie recipes

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    Yes!!! Thank you for sharing vegan recipes!! More please!

  29. greeness says:

    Love how it’s so to the point, doesn’t waste any time

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    If you want meat in it then Jamie had made another video for you.
    This video is for the veggie version. It's that simple.

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    way too many ingredients for a simple sauce

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    This was good as hell..I changed a view things but very good.

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  39. Ishwari p says:

    Awesome Receipe..can’t wait to try it with all the ingredients..

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    Great recipe, more vegan whole food plant based please

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    Thanks Jamie!

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    Wow… What a perfect copy of texture…

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  44. Love,Peace, Happy says:

    I cooking today in vegan…vegan parmesan look YT video…is very simple, noodle,without,egg,

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    how much rosmary come in the pan? Sorry my english is not the best! cut or,no cut?

  46. tagazof says:

    Crazy good recipe!

  47. E C says:

    I like to use caned chick peas instead of lentils,organic
    I think it taste better

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    Wine isn't even vegetarian as far as I know

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    You can add cubed aubergine instead of mushrooms as well.

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    This and Romeshes vegan lasagne now added to my list. Getting in to this veggie lark. Cheers Jamie

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    It’s jaw dropping wow. Looks super delicious

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    This looks so delicious… I am checking on books from Jamie but not all of the dishes are vegetarian… I hope Jamie compile an all-vegetarian book… I am sure the taste will be satisfying, coming from Jamie..

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  59. evelyn baron says:

    You go Jaimie!! I know 2016 was sort of the maelstrom of the vegan debate; this is brilliant. I personally don't like whole wheat pasta, texture-wise; anyone interested, smart pasta Catelli I think adds fibre from chicory root with lots of nutrients etc., or if gluten is a big deal, brown rice pasta is actually pretty good now. A minor quibble; red lentils (have to watch them) dissolve better in the sauce; still need that pasta water tho. And the mushrooms are brilliant; if financially challenged, use cremini; still has that meaty texture and taste. Excellent!

  60. Ash W says:

    Gonna make it tonight.

  61. Anish says:

    Cheese is vegetarian tho?

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    How do you get the sauce to thicken? Mine is very watery.

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    Thank you for not adding sugar to the recipe! I knew you were better than this!

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    Going to try and make this using Shitake mushrooms. Cant find porcini

  67. Fresh Raw Honey says:

    Bolognese sauce is a meat-based sauce originating from Italy, In Italian cuisine, it is customarily used to dress tagliatelle al ragù and to prepare lasagne alla bolognese. In the absence of tagliatelle, it can also be used with other broad, flat pasta shapes, such as pappardelle or fettuccine. Wikipedia. Well nothing vegetarian aint it jamie? Why not call it vegetarian pasta instead?

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  70. Sean connery says:

    I tried this with beef mince it tasted awesome!

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    cooking it right now. It smells delicious and I cant wait to try it 😀 really happy to see famous chefs making veggie food, making it more mainstream

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    I am so flabbergasted by this wonderful recipe and presentation. No wonder why you're world famous, you're good! Beautifully healthy take on an Italian classic. Bravo Jamie and keep up the healthy alternatives. Splendid. Blessings

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    The dishes are very nice

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    saving us from hormones, gmo, what ever was added to milk and meat sickness, all organic -pro protein

  78. Movie News says:

    Make the wheat pasta from scratch

  79. David M says:

    If you don’t have porcini, and aren’t a vegetarian, I add anchovies

  80. africanpride69 says:

    Where can i find a written recipe?

  81. Headcam Cooking says:

    Nice. I like the dried mushrooms – I use them in mushroom risottos.

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    Heh you guys, porcini mushrooms are not available in North America except in dried form; they top the mushroom pyramid, always thought it was shitake, tried this recipe it was brilliant. I used red lentils which made a more convincing ragu, was really good. If you are vegan and use nutritional yeast which is supposed to taste like parmesan it's all good. I'm vegan most of the time but don't have a problem with a small amount of romano (sheep milk not cows, my eco footprint is really not that big and get my occasional cheese products from a local person I can afford, etc., shut up Evelyn that would be me, try it.)

  85. St3rv1S says:

    Kinda annoying he didn't add a written recipe. How many servings is this?

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    Too fast video…

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    Well this was vegetarian, not vegan, because of the parmesan.

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  96. Punjabi Shack vlogs says:


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