Venison Pumpkin Chili – CookIN’ Gone Wild – S1E10 | Indiana DNR

Welcome to CookIN’ Gone Wild. Today we’ll
be cooking a venison pumpkin chili. The first step to our venison pumpking chili is the
venison. I’ve already browned it on the stove. I just added a few spices, a little bit of
season salt, garlic and some crushed red pepper if you like a little spice. Here it is and
I’m just going to put everything in the crock pot and that makes everything really easy.
That was a pound of ground venison. And we’re just going to add in all of the ingredients,
stir, and let it cook. the first thing we have is vegetable juice, and this is a cup
and a quarter. Next we’re going to add some chili tomatoes and these are already chili
seasoned. That was two full cans. Now i’m going to add in some chopped onion, this is
almost a full large-sized onion, just a little less. Here we have one orange pepper and one
yellow pepper. I’m going to stir this around before I keep adding. As you can see, it’s
really thick right now so we are going to add in some water here – after we get everything
else in. Here’s one can of black beans. One can of hot chili beans. If you don’t like
hot, just go ahead and use the mild, I like everything a little spicy. And before we add
in the spices, I’m going to add in a little bit of water. Add in about two cups. Stir
that around. Now here is our secret ingredient. It is pumpkin. When you go to buy canned pumpkin,
you don’t want the pumpkin pie filling, you just want the regular pumpkin. This is going
to make it nice and thick and rich and give it a little earthy flavor. And that is about
a whole small-sized can of pumpkin. And here we have some pickled jalapenos. You can see
they’re still in the juice, I’m going to add in the juice and the jalapenos. This is chili
powder, garlic powder, cumin, season salt, and hot sauce. Perfect. We’re going to mix
this around. I’m going to add some cilantro to mine, I think it adds a nice fresh flavor.
I just use a clean pair of scissors. It’s the easiest way to do it. Just chop the cilantro
in there. I like to add some to the top when I’m done. In my opinion you can never have
enough cilantro. If you don’t like it you can leave it out. And that is it. It’s that
simple – put all of this in here, put the lid on, let it cook for a few hours, I’ll
come and stir it a few times and make sure the hotness level is where I want it. If you
want it a little hotter, you can always add cayenne or some crushed red pepper. Now, this
chili I plan on entering in the DNR chili cook-off this coming week. So we will see
how good my recipe is compared to the others. We’ve cooked our venison pumpkin chili and
now we’re at the DNR chili cook-off. As you can see we have eight contenders, the venison
pumpkin chili being one. So hopefully I’ll win, but you just never know, so you’ll just
have to see what people say.>>I can taste the pumpkin. It’s very good.
Not very spicy, but good flavor.>>I liked this one better than the other
venison down there. This one is just more full-bodied in flavor.
>>It was really good, you can taste the pumpkin. There was a little bit of a cook, just enough.
Good flavor.>>Make sure to vote for your favorite. Over
there just write the number of your favorite and stick it in.
>>14 sixes, 8 fives.>>Did I just win?
>>Yes.>>Ha ha ha ha! That’s good! Yay! So, I think
number 8 got second. It was a stiff competition all of them are really good. It was close.
If you take a look in here you can see there’s not much left. Luckily I got myself a bowl
before we were done because I’m starving now – I’m ready to eat some. I can’t believe I
won, I’m so excited! So, we will see you next time on CookIN’ Gone Wild. If you want the
whole recipe for yourself, you can go to our website!

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