Venison Roast recipe by the BBQ Pit Boys

(country jazz) ♪ I’m going down to the House of Sausage ♪ ♪ I got my barbecue shoes on ♪ ♪ I’m going down to the House of Sausage ♪ ♪ I got my barbecue shoes on ♪ ♪ Gonna fire me a brat ♪ ♪ And a red hot foot-long ♪ ♪ Gonna smoke me a fatty brisket ♪ ♪ Got my barbeque shoes on ♪ – [Bob] Welcome to! Today we’re smoking up a venison roast, and it’s real easy to do. Alright, you’re gonna need some potatoes for this recipe. You’re gonna need some carrots. You’ll need some celery, you’ll need some garlic, gonna need some onion. Oh yeah. You’re gonna need some good bacon. Here we have some thick cut bacon right here and this happens to be peppered bacon. You’re gonna need some rub. Here we’re using PitBoys chili rub. You’re gonna need some beef broth. Alright! Of course, you’re gonna need some venison. Now this here is about a two pound roast. That makes it perfect for smokin’ up. Doin’ up venison is extremely lean, so it’s important that you tenderize it, or you introduce some fat into it. One of the ways we like to do it here is we like to plug it with
some bacon, alright? Here you take ol’ hickory, you go right down the
center of that roast. You take some thick cut bacon here, whatever good bacon you’ve got. Alright. You plug it. Plug it with one slice, maybe two, even four slices, just get it in there. What this is gonna do is baste the inside of this roast as it’s doing its low and slow. Oh yeah! Easy enough, right? You just get it in there. One slice works, but like I said, if you do three or four slices, you just get that bacon fat in there. Now I’m gonna take this chili rub, and one thing about a good venison roast like that, you wanna use a lot of rub. You wanna build a layer of flavor on this low, three hour low and slow. Give it a good coatin’. Oh yeah. Alright, that’s simple enough. Nothing left to do now but throw it in the smoker. We’re gonna be smokin’ it for about three hours or so, and we’re gonna be doing it at about 250 degrees Fahrenheit. You know all about smokin’ up, right? Yeah. Whew! Alright. (twangy country guitar) Nothin’ left to do now but kick back and wait. Alright, about an hour has gone by, about an hour and a half. Halfway into this low and slow. This is one where we’re gonna bring in some sausages. You wanna bring in some bacon, alright? It’ll go real well with these venison roasts if you have some sausage for snackin’, some thick-sliced bacon for smokin’ up. Oh yeah. (country rock) Now of course, you don’t need a smoker to do this, you can use one of them kettle grills, but since it’s only 38
degrees Fahrenheit outside, we just got our old gas smoker going. Now, we’re gonna be doing some veggies here. Gonna make these vegematics real happy. Slice up some onions, celery, carrots. You can adjust the quantity you want. Depends how big your roastin’ pan is. (country rock) Now, as I was saying, this roast is about two hours, two and a half hours low and slow, maybe three at this point. We’re putting it in a
pan with the veggies, and we’re adding the beef broth, about a quart or so. Alright. Don’t wanna put too much in there, but you just want that thing to sit in there and whoooa. Get all that moisture and juices. Whew, man! Got some of that sausage fat dripping in there and that bacon fat. We’re gonna cook it now ’til those veggies get tender. (country rock) Maybe about another hour. (country rock) (men chattering) – [Bob] Alright! Now every once in awhile, you wanna baste this roast, whew, man! Veggies are coming along. They’re still a little al dente. Gonna cook a little bit more. We’re gonna be basting this roast right here. Man! (country rock) Now if you’ve never had venison roast stuffed with bacon before, you definitely gotta check this out. Alright. (country rock) There. Let the boys play around a little bit. (bangs) (country rock) – [Bob] Alright! And through the miracle of time, this venison roast stuffed with bacon is done! Take a look at that! O-ho-ho-ho. (country rock) Look at that bacon fat just oozin’ outta there. Man, this here’s moist and tender. Whew. But, you wanna tent it with some aluminum foil for about another maybe 20 minutes, half an hour, just let it sit, alright. (country rock) Alright! This roast is ready to slice up. (country rock) Oooohh baby! Man. (country rock) Gotta pull all those veggies out. Yeah! (country rock) Grab those smoked sausages and bacon. You hungry or what? Oh-ho-ho man! Slice up some of these sausages and throw it in that veggie pan. (country rock) Yeah! Lord have mercy, look at this bacon! Like eating candy. (country rock) Alright! I say it’s time to eat! (country rock) Yeah! Dip some of that venison in them juices, oooo-wee! (country rock) (country guitar soloing) (country rock) So the next time you’re looking for a recipe for your barbecue, you check out! (country rock) (crow cawing)

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