What’s up you guys welcome back to my
channel so for today we have a vlog style what I eat in a day I’m gonna be
showing you guys every single thing that I eat today so for today I’m super busy
I have a lot of content that I have to prepare this week things always tend to
get kind of like busy in the first and second week of December because I do
like to take the last two weeks of December off so I always have to like
get all of my work done so today is really busy I have a lot of editing it
to do and a lot of like behind the scenes stuff but I figured I will take
you guys with me throughout my day and show you what I’m eating for weight loss
a lot of you guys know from my last video that I am back in a calorie
deficit I haven’t been in a serious calorie deficit in a while but I have
been back in my deficit now for about two weeks so I’m excited to you know get
back on this journey and lose the rest of my weight so as always I like to
share with you guys and my weight loss progress and all of the meals that I
like to eat for weight loss which are really calorie deficit friendly but yeah
so I’ll just be around the house all day and I will share with you guys every
single thing that I’m eating why I should go baby climbing on the kitchen
cabinets he always wants to come on the countertops like I only let him do that
in the bathroom so I don’t know why he’s thinking he’d do that in the kitchen
right now anyways yeah I will share with you guys every single thing that I eat
today so for breakfast this morning to be real with you guys I’m really busy
and I kind of woke up a little bit late because I went to bed really late last
night it’s I woke up at 10 but it’s 11 a.m. right now so I really just need to
get straight to work I don’t have any time to turn on the stove and make any
breakfast right now okay we don’t got time for that
so I want to give a huge shout out to Kenko for sponsoring today’s video they
make the most amazing instant smoothies that you can get them right to your door
so it makes it super easy and convenient you guys know I am huge on convenience
because money is time maybe and we gotta make that shmoney okay we don’t have
time no but seriously I just love how like less time consuming it is you don’t
have to take out your blender pour all your juices even though I love doing
that dong Marron even though I love doing that it’s just great to not have
an excuse to not have your fruits because anytime I’m busy I always just
use that as an excuse like oh I don’t have time I don’t have time but you have
no excuse with Kenko because everything is instant I know a lot of people are
kind of worried about stuff because they feel like oh
maybe it’s not as good it’s not as nutritious as eating real fruit it
definitely is I know this is like super tech techie but this is a really
important fact I think they use the same freeze slowed riot technology as NASA
uses and everything is 100% organic you’re getting all your nutrients still
so don’t let it to tear you away and be like oh my god it’s in a packet is it
bad it’s 100% like you’re getting all your nutrients and it’s instant like I
said so you don’t have to waste time especially for a lot of you guys who are
moms or if you’re always on the go when you have a really busy lifestyle that’s
gonna be perfect for you because you can literally take them in your bag put them
in your purse and all you need to add with it is water
also I want to mention that there are no added sugars it is 100% organic no
preservatives which is really important so I just wanted to quickly pop on here
and let you guys know you can actually get 10% off your first order with Kenko
using the link in the description box down below so my favorite one is the
Reds I love how they’re all color coordinated – this one has strawberries
raspberries banana apple dates chia seeds and ginger and I love that because
a lot of these things I wouldn’t even put in my own smoothie if I were to make
it like I don’t take ginger and chia seeds and put it in my smoothie I’m just
too lazy for that being 100% honest so I love how I can get the nutrients usually
I use water to be real but I really want to try it with milk today and show you
guys my favorite milk recently okay so this milk was so good I was a little bit
skeptical about it to be honest with you because it’s actually pee protein
most of you guys probably know pea protein just does not taste good but
this tastes so good and it’s unsweetened and I love how it has 8 grams of protein
so that’s awesome so I’m actually going to try mixing that in today and see how
it tastes because that way I can add some extra protein to my breakfast okay
update it tastes so good with the milk it gives it like a very smoothie like
ice cream type of taste like when you just add it with milk instead of water
so good I love it and throughout the day I always make
sure to have my water next to me I drink roughly like 3 liters of water a day
so yeah it’s super important for your skin and just your health so always make
sure to have my water with me do you guys like my
bluelight glasses I wear these glasses while I’m editing because they really
help me not get migraines and headaches from staring at the screen so much I
don’t know why my voice is stuffy all of a sudden my nose is stuffy hmm
not sure but anyways I’m editing right now and the glasses really help they’re
actually from ki yaki Australia they really helped me not get a headache from
staring at my phone screen all day and hearing at the computer screen while
editing so yeah I’m actually in the office right now editing and I have been
loving working in the office you guys like having an office in the new house
has really been amazing like I used to edit a lot just sitting on the couch I
like the kitchen island which I still like doing but I feel like I can focus
so much more just being in this closed office and this is just the space where
you can work like it feels really good but I’ve also really been liking to work
in the dark more like in the office I’ll come and I’ll just take the remote I
know my voice is stuffy and I’ll close the blinds and like make it kind of dark
in here and I don’t know it really helps my focus
that’s the blinds closing right off it really helps my focus like I never
thought I would like working in the dark because I love and I’ll just stop it
there I know yeah like I love natural light so much like in my house I always
open up all of the windows I want to see all of the natural light but for the
office it actually has helped me focus putting it in the blackout blinds down
and having it really dark in here I’ve been really liking it but yeah I’m just
organizing my organizing oh my god I was gonna say I’m just editing my organizing
my entire closet video because that video has to go up tonight like schedule
wise it just has to go up tonight so I’m trying to finish that now and I think
it’s like 1 o’clock right now I’m starting to slowly get a little bit
hungry so I’m going to head into the kitchen soon to probably make some lunch
but right now I’m just so focused on I want to get to editing so I’ll
probably head there in like half an hour maybe maybe another hour just gonna put
my little glasses back on I’ve never worn glasses my entire life so yeah but
these actually really help I don’t get headaches and I don’t get migraines
anymore so it’s lunchtime now it’s about 1:30 and I am getting hungry so I
decided I’m gonna make my vegan tacos well they’re not really vegan because I
sprinkled cheese on them but they’re meatless so I guess we can just say
meatless tacos but you totally make them vegan just don’t put sour cream and just
put like vegan cheese or whatever but anyways besides the point by the way I
am going to be doing eventually a organizing fridge video so stay tuned
for that because right now it’s not completely organized but yeah anyways
I’m gonna be using the beyond meat burger I absolutely love them I have one
left from the package that I use like two days ago so I am going to use that
one I know I’m so obsessed with them that I keep them like on deck like
stocked up in my fridge like I love them so much so for these meatless tacos I
actually learned this recipe from hellofresh
shout out to hello fresh did you guys know I love them like love them so much
I actually learnt this recipe from them it was one of the recipes I got and I’m
so obsessed with this I’ve made this so many times you guys have seen this in a
vlog or like you guys have seen this like two three times in vlogs on the
vlog Channel so yeah I’m gonna make it again cuz I just absolutely love it
there’s beans in it it’s really good so the first thing I’m just gonna do is
start up the stove and then I always just like to get all of my ingredients
out of the fridge it just makes it easier and I can have everything on the
counter so the first thing you’re gonna need is some chopped onions which I
already have pre chopped and I have in this reusable bag
we love and environmentally-friendly Queen and then um beans you’re gonna
need black beans you’re going to need some corn and some salsa which I have
made myself this is just tomatoes red onions and some lime juice with a little
bit of black pepper you’re actually technically also supposed to put
cilantro it just goes so bad slim show goes so
bad and I don’t use that much of it so it just never makes sense so I just
stopped buying it I don’t put it in there anymore even though it’s really
good with it and you’re gonna need some garlic you’re
also gonna need some tortillas so get those out some cheese double cheddar cuz
I like cheddar and some sour cream and I always get the light low fat one so I
love this spray bottle that I got from Amazon I showed it in my home decor hall
actually Steph recommended this to me it’s really good you can control your
oil portions you can literally save like hundreds of calories by just using a
spray oil rather than dumping and pouring oil so I’m gonna do that and
then I’m just going to add it some garlic and some red onions and let that
saute a little bit this is on medium heat by the way a little bit of garlic quick mention about tortillas these are
the tortillas that I’m using but I do want to mention to you guys honestly
your best bet is to go to the grocery store and find the lowest calorie
tortillas available I actually have ones that I get from metro and the ones from
metro are seventy calories per tortillas so I actually say forty calories in
total since I eat too so that one’s way better but I haven’t been to Metro in a
few weeks so this is just the one that I have in my fridge right now I’m actually
gonna go soon so that I can save some calories with the other ones but yeah
just go to a grocery store I find the ones with the best macros and the best
best calories and that’s just your best effect so once that starts sizzling
you’re gonna want to put your meatless vegan burger patty on there and then
this is a seasoning that you’re gonna need excuse the bottle like this you
guys know I love to organize all my seasonings but my pantry my seasoning
rack and my fridge it’s just not organized yet I will be doing videos
organizing all that so it’s not organized yet but you’re gonna need some
paprika some chili some cayenne some salt and black pepper and that’s pretty
much it most important part of this is the chili so do not be shy with the
chili powder like literally don’t be shy add a ton of
chili powder it just makes it taste so good you can add about half the amount
of pepper Iike that you did or even a quarter amount of the pepper you got
that you did for the chili the Chili’s like the main one and then a little bit
of client does it’s kind of spicy if you like it super spicy add more but I’m
good with it like that this is my favorite way to break up the burger and
make it into like a ground meat is to use the flat spot flip splat Chile’s
Wauchula why can’t I say that word anyways use the flat one and you can
break it in like that it’s very easy to break it down with this flat one and you
just kind of keep going at it until it looks like ground meat now then you’re
gonna take your black beans and just add a little bit all right whoa that’s way
too much okay so something like that or just however much you want I guess add
some corn and now all you’re gonna do is just let it kind of get browned and a
little bit crispy or if you like it less crispy then you know you just do it to
however you like it major tip of my new guys is whenever you’re cooking keep the
dishwasher open and that way it makes it so easy and so convenient and then you
don’t have to have any dishes in your sink so I absolutely love that that’s
like a huge tip of mine every single time I’m cooking out I leave my
dishwasher open I am so addicted to these you guys this
is all I’ve been eating for lunch for like literally the past few weeks like
I’m not even kidding every single day so now it’s starting to kind of like get
crispy so as it’s starting to get crispy what you’re gonna want to do is start
heating up your tortillas and the way that I heat them up is just directly on
the stove I will just put it on low heat and then I will literally just let my
tortillas heat up on the stove just make sure you watch them because they will
burn quickly or just put them on very low
heat like you know you have to kind of keep a close eye on them because I have
burned my fair share of tortillas before let’s just say that so there’s always extra and enough to
make a third taco but I don’t make a third taco just because I want to save
calories and not have like a third tortilla but what I usually do is I’ll
actually eat this on its own on the side for now because I want to take a nice
little photo of it I’m not gonna do that but just know after I take the photo I’m
gonna put that on the side and also eat that as well just without the tortilla
no third taco a little bit of cheese I honestly don’t put a lot of cheese then
some salsa and then some sour cream and that’s it you guys look at how delicious
that looks like I said this is all I’ve been eating for lunch literally for the
past few weeks I’m not even joking okay so it’s 6:30 some boats make dinner I
have water boiling because I’m going to make pasta so this is one cup of penne
pasta and then I’m also going to make some chicken with it and this is one of
my favorite pasta sauces ever so good vodka sauce okay so I don’t know if you
guys remember but I used to use this like indoor grill whenever I wanted to
grill chicken or anything like that I was at home cents one time and I kind of
noticed this and I thought well that’s actually pretty cool because you don’t
have to have like this huge big thing to grill your chicken on so now I just use
this I think it’s cast-iron so now I just use this cast-iron pan and this is
what I use to grill in my chicken and it’s really cool because the handle
actually folds in I’ll see if I can find an alternative for you guys on Amazon
spraying a little bit of oil and the way that I cut the chicken breast is really
thin because one it cooks easier and two I just like eating chicken like when
it’s thin I really don’t like thick pieces of chicken so I just cut it
really thin and I think honestly all I’m gonna put is salt black pepper and
garlic and that’s literally it all right so I’m just gonna put the chicken
directly on the grill some reason any time
I’m sizzle anytime I’m having chicken with pasta I don’t really like to season
it with like a bunch of different seasonings I just like salt and black
pepper and maybe a little bit of garlic I’m not gonna have all this chickens
today by the way but I figured I would just make it all right now and that way
it can kind of be meal prep so I’m gonna start heating up a pan because this is
where I am going to heat up the sauce but I’m also going to saute at some
frozen spinach so I added the spinach in there and then I put just a little bit
of salt and black pepper and then I’m just gonna let that saute alright so I
just added some sauce in there and then I’m just gonna let that slowly heat up
sorry for the noisy fan but I just went ahead and added the pasta in
it’s going to let that sit until the chicken is
this is honestly a really fast and easy dinner especially if you already have
chicken on hand literally such an easy dinner and all I’m gonna do is add some
cheese on top I like a lot of cheese okay we don’t judge and take some pieces
of chicken I’m on there and then that is pretty much it you guys look how
delicious that looks so good I cannot wait to dig in
okay so you guys know me I always need something sweet at the end of my dinner
because I have a really bad sweet tooth I have my entire life just been obsessed
with sweets especially chocolate I’m a huge chocolate lover like I will eat
anything if you put chocolate in it straight up so I’ve actually really been
liking this this is dark chocolate with almonds so here’s my thing if I buy a
dark chocolate bar I won’t devour the whole thing because I’m not crazy about
dark chocolate it tastes good it satisfies my craving but it’s not like
the most amazing thing ever I definitely prefer milk chocolate so that way I can
actually control myself when I buy this if I buy the milk chocolate I am not
joking I will devour it with in under a minute thank you so I just don’t buy
that one but this one makes a really good like snack and like I said I can
control myself more this one has almonds and I actually really like it I’ll
usually just have about four squares at nighttime and then that’s enough for me like do you see how good that looks
right there though I’m actually gonna put this in a bag that weight doesn’t go
bad all right so then that’s it you guys all literally just break off one row and
I’ll have this I love this one because it has the almonds in it and it just
gives it a nice nice little something some you know so yeah that’s pretty much
it you guys I hope you enjoy that let me just actually talk to you guys even
though I look a little Creek right yeah so I hope you guys enjoyed this what I
eat in a day I love just kind of vlogging for the entire day and sharing
what I eat so hopefully you guys enjoyed and of course I will see you guys in my
next video bye guys with my chocolate


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    Your home is amazing! Looks super organized, fresh,clean like everything in harmony. Definitely inspiring!!! Love you’re still so unique and true to yourself, with your feet on earth! So happy and proud of how far you’ve gone and your growth in many aspects!!! Keep being unique and enjoy life!!!

  95. Javiera Bascur says:

    Amy keep them coming! Always such good inspo 💗

  96. Jeanette Espinoza says:

    Same about the chicken

  97. Emma Douglas says:

    all of those meals look so good! I also love your nails

  98. Naima Fouli says:

    تحية كبيرة من الجزائر 💝 اين انتم بنات بلادي الجزائري هنا يدير جام

  99. Mammatibb says:

    I genuinely can’t stand those Beyond burger patties. I got some and opened the package… and they just SMELLED processed 💀 literally smelled like god awful plastic? The smell Reminded me of an oil change 🥴 it was just weird and nasty.

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