VSauce Chicken Wrap | Jamie Oliver and Michael Stevens

Waddup Food Tubers. Jamie Oliver here. We got Michael from VSauce. That’s right. Yes, and if you haven’t subscribed to his channel check it out. It’s wicked. Tell them about the channel man. Oh it’s super fun. I take on kinda crazy questions and see where my mind goes and hopefully accidentally teach a few things. You’re gonna love it. I love it. So, We made him a VSauce sauce. A green source,
right and it’s good with anything. OK. So we’re gonna do a
little dish. We’re gonna cook it super quick. Chicken VSauce. So we’ve got cling film here. Cling film. Cling film. Sounds like something a super old person would call .. So we’re going to take two layers of the plastic stuff, we’re going to take a chicken breast ,yeah. Slap that on. fold this over, and we’re gonna get something flat. Let me just wash my hands. Something heavy and something flat. What could that be? It could be green sauce. Woooah! So I want you to smash it out. About a centimetre thick. This is gonna cook quick and is gonna
tenderise it, okay. We got a griddle pan here, we got a tortilla, we got some beautiful things. I got some every day cress, I got some avocado, I got some gem, I got some tomatoes. Okay so, lets get cooking. Is that about a centimetre? I’m from America. I only know inches and football. That’s about right. A little bit of olive oil Olive oil never on the griddle pan. This
griddle pan has been heating up five minutes Ahh interesting. Put a little bit of
seasoning – salt and pepper I can use the wrap without touching the chicken just to massage that on. And then I’m going to just pop that on
to here. Cool. So we’re going to char it up. What’s really nice about this method of cooking is you can see the heat traveling up, and it gives you an idea of what heat does to chicken. Oh wow. So we’re about a quarter cooked. Right. Also, see the smoke. okay so we’re got that char flavour. It’s going to be a beautiful visual Char usually equals a version of bitter, and we want to balance that with the
VSauce which is sweet and sour. It’s more than half way now, yeah. So I’m
going to go in with a little bit of salt a little bit of pepper, and you can put just
a little bit of oil. Just on the chicken. Yeah. And I’m going to use these tongs. You can turn that brother. You realise
this looks like a little, it’s a heart but its malformed, but you know. Oh yeah! Also the catcher’s mitt actually. Oh yeah, it’s like a little mitten. Or Michigan. Or just a piece a chicken
has been bashed with VSauce. Mister literal, but that’s what it’s
going to be, okay. Back over here brother. I’m gonna take my knife and I’m going to go for some quarters of tomatoes. I’ve got some old fashioned crest here. You could use any shoots that you want. So we got some avocado. Be very, very careful how you cut that. We’re gonna have some here. Just gonna go in with a spoon straight around the edge. Roll it around, and boom. Here’s an interesting one. When protein comes off the grill it’s dry. So if you just kiss it with a little fat the second it comes off the grill it’ll stop it drying out, and actually we’ll let that rest for just one minute while we heat up this tortilla. Just put it on there. You don’t want it to toast or anything like that. We’re not going to do it on both sides. Just count to ten. Feel that. I love it. It’s good. And we’ve got some little bar marks here. We’re then gonna load up with some Lettuce, shoots, tomatoes, and I’m gonna
slice the chicken at a little bit of an angle. Now remember,
when you prepare chicken breast like this you could easily feed two people. So back over with some of those ingredients, the chickens on there. A little bit of avocado, a little bit of spring onion and then it’s VSauce time. Yeah! So, so we’re just going to dump it on. You’re going to throw it on. You’re gonna.. What do you call this? Segolene? It looks like when a seagull does a poop. I like my food prefaced with poop. You mean natural things that happen in nature? Yeah well the last, the last thing
I’m going to do boss man yeah, is that we’ve got heat in the VSauce. Yeah. So I’m going to hit heat with a little yoghurt. That is my chicken VSauce. Yeah, it looks beautiful
look at that thing. There you go. There’s that tang inside. It’s like that mystery ingredient that makes you go woah woah woah. wait guys. And now you can see why we pushed those flavours in the VSauce, because when you’re around all the stuff they just
calm a little bit. And then you achieve perfection. So there you go guys. That’s the VSauce chicken in a wrap. Unbelievable. If you like this video please like it. Share it on your social
media. By the way, if you wanna check out VSauce and you haven’t subscribed already him yeah. Hit him. And of course subscribe to Food Tube. I mean, look at this. It’s tasty. So subscribable. And it’s free.

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    Can you do a video where you make a mix between salty and sugary (for example fillet with popcorn), could be a new food trend

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