Vulcan Custom Chain Griddle | IRX Infrared Technology Distributes Heat Evenly | Customizable

At Vulcan we have been designing and
manufacturing commercial kitchen equipment for 150 years and we continue
to lead the industry in innovative new products and technology. We have
experienced working with independent restaurants, chains, and other types of
food service operations. We are an industry leader in griddles to meet all
your operational needs. The Vulcan custom chain griddle will improve the flow,
performance, and productivity of your kitchen — all while saving energy. Quick
recovery times and even temperatures across the griddle plate will increase
your productivity and consistency in your demanding environment. The Vulcan
custom chain griddle offers flexible plates and burner platforms as well as a
range of factory options and accessories that allow an operator to truly
customize the griddle to their specific needs. Choose the plate material, the type
of burner, the location of the grease trough, and any of custom accessory your
operation might need. For the griddle plate you may select from steel, chrome,
or Vulcan’s exclusive composite plate material. Steel is very durable, chrome is
perfect for display servings and offers excellent food release properties. Rapid
recovery is Vulcan’s exclusive composite plate material, which combines an
aluminum core interior with a 304 stainless steel exterior. The aluminum
core transfers heat five times faster than a traditional steel plate. While the
stainless steel exterior makes it both durable and easy to clean, the plate also
offers even heating — front to back and left to right. For the burner you can
choose between IRX infrared or atmospheric burners. With the Vulcan
custom chain griddle you can leverage Vulcans IRX infrared technology to
deliver the ultimate in efficiency and high-volume productivity. Our IRX
technology makes sure heat is distributed evenly – no matter which point
you choose so it’s easy to cook a great tasting consistent product every time.
At the factory we can customize a full or partially grooved plate, add an
easy-to-clean 10 inch back splash or a welded plate
divider to prevent flavor transfer across cooking zones. In the field the griddle
can be customized by adding the plate rail, a condiment, a towel bar, a cutting board, a banking strip, or even configure
for under device plumbing. VCCG is available in 12 inch increments — starting
at 24 inches all the way up to 72. Many of the Vulcan custom chain griddle models
are Energy Star qualified — resulting in a reduction of utility bills and
ventilation load. A 72,000 BTU 36 inch griddle with IRX infrared burners can
heat a steel plate 375 degrees just as fast as a traditional 90 thousand BTU griddle that utilizes atmospheric burners. But the difference is the
traditional griddle consumes 25% more energy. Every 12 inches of the BCCG is
independently zoned with embedded solid state temperature control. These cooking
zones operate independently of adjacent sections to maximize recovery and production.
Vulcan has earned the award winning best in-class griddle rating. And customers
big and small love the Vulcan custom chain griddle.

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