Vulcan Rapid Recovery Griddle

The composite material that we use on the
griddle plate – it’s very interesting. It’s got a stainless steel bottom, aluminum
core, and then a stainless steel top. The aluminum is only 1/3 the weight of steel,
which makes the griddle itself significantly lighter than a normal griddle, making moving
around, even shipping a lot easier. But the best aspect of aluminum is that it transmits
heat 5 times faster than steel. It distributes the heat much more evenly. And what you end
up with is a much more consistent temperature profile on the griddle that you don’t find
in standard carbon steel griddle plates. One of the ways we like to demonstrate the heat
profile on top of the Rapid Recovery Griddle is to do what we call the pancake test. Pouring
a ribbon of pancake batter around the perimeter of the plate to show the uniformity of browning
that’s available. So you can cook a pancake in the corner, in the center, in the front,
in the back, on the sides, at the exact same rate no matter where you are. One of the important
features that our customers are looking for is energy efficiency and the RRG Gas Griddle
and the RRE Electric Heavy Duty Griddle are both Energy Star certified products. When
we’re bringing something to market and we say it’s innovative, and it’s the best,
and it’s got the best features, and it’s got the best performance – that’s a fact.
When you’re on the winning team and you know it, it makes coming to work every day
a lot of fun

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