WATCH @Colorado Fisher AND I FREEZE OUR BUTTS OFF :) … Winter fly fishing the Frying Pan River 4k

Oh man, it’s gonna be a cold one this morning. Minus three … are you kidding me Somehow I convinced this poor sucker to join me You guys have no idea who I am It will be revealed later on in our show Brrr … it’s cold. My cheeks are freezing right now He thinks he’s gonna go fishing … he can’t even zip up his jacket Oh Man, what the cold will do to you! Off he goes Good morning everyone and welcome back to my channel What My Lens Sees Always happy to have you here with me even on minus three degrees in the dead of winter at the beautiful Fryingpan River I’m here with my buddy AJ from Colorado Fisher It’s a beautiful morning, the fish are jumping. We’re gonna go try and put some fish in the net to share with all of you … so hang with me Let’s see how it goes there we go there we go Alright, here you go my friend Colorado native for the Colorado Fisher Hey, Cheers Life is good Got AJ on many fish It’s now warm As opposed to this morning which was not warm Cracked open a couple of cold one’s I know, I’m drinking the gluten free Life is good So, the fryingpan just never disappoints … we had an amazing day Got to share a really cool place with AJ. He got into a ton of fish I got to do some cool filming. I cannot wait to share this video with all of you So thanks for hanging with me and until next time we’ll see you soon, take care The tacos tasted as good as they look! We’re at slope and hatch in Glenwood Springs, Colorado I highly recommend this place after a long day of fishing with a cold one to end the day Cheers guys, I hope you enjoy this. Have a great night! Hey good morning everyone It is Day 2 out on the Frying Pan We are out here again early to get a few hours of fishing in Before we head back for the weekend It is … bitterly cold And, There are a lot of challenges with fly fishing in Zero degree temps, but we’re still getting into some fish Hopefully be able to show a few of them off to you here soon enough So hang with me Stay Warm And, we’ll show you the river here soon Little warm-up dance ….. Stay warm my friend …. Stay warm But we’re still alive still catching fish Cold as S*@T … need to make those “meggings” “Meggings” for Men The frying pan did not disappoint today guys me and Dan got into many rainbows and browns It doesn’t get any better than this. What did you think Dan? Well, I did a lot of recon missions here I think six or seven trips … to make this day awesome … and I think it turned out pretty good. What do you think? Very good job. You did well “reconning”! We survived, no frostbite, tons of fish I hope you guys enjoy this. Please make sure you subscribe to both of us guys if you’re not What My Lens Sees Colorado Fisher Until next time take it easy. Thanks guys That’s good man! I’m like a TV host Will leave everyone with this little tip … When fishing the toilet bowl the euro nymph setup plus mysis shrimp works incredibly well Until next time this is Dan signing off

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