We Eat [ King Sausage ] together :: Korean Pink Sausage Ep.2 :: #35

[ Oryukdo ] King Sausage # 2 Today I’ll make rolled bread !! Ingredients Pancake Mix Powder milk egg There’s still a lot of sausage left 250g Pancake Mix Powder 1 cup of milk (200 ml) 1 egg Low heat I need a big frying pan today 1 teaspoon oil Apply oil to the frying pan Pour half the dough Place sausage When the bubble comes up, Roll gently Delicious smell 🙂 Good Again, 1 teaspoon oil Apply oil Pour the remaining dough Roll The bread is heavy I have to eat this with ketchup Yum ! with sour cream Yum ! Sparkling orange I should drink cool By the way, the remaining sausage, How should I eat? I’ve eaten twice in a row :O So, I won’t eat for a while 😀 Then, with delicious meal I’ll be back soon Have a good day! Bye

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