We Eat [ Perilla Pasta ] together :: Korean perilla pasta :: #38

# With dumpling dough # Korean Perilla Pasta Ingredients Perilla powder Dumpling dough egg Anchovy 10 dumpling dough Medium heat 1 liter of water Two anchovies (for broth) 2 eggs 1 teaspoon oil Apply to frying pan Pour the eggs Bake Thinly If water boils, boil for 5-10 minutes more And take out anchovy One by one Throw it Perilla powder, one two Three four Like this, five tablespoons Actually, I put 10 tablespoons First, add 1 teaspoon salt I really wanted to eat sticky ! 😀 Do you see something lacking? Put the egg garnish Ready to eat ! Yum It’s savory and delicious If you need more seasoning You can mix some soy sauce I was curious about this chocolate cookie [ ABC Cookies ] I want to eat something sweet after eating these days Why? 🙂 Then, with delicious meal I’ll be back soon Have a nice day! Bye

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  1. We Eat Together says:

    저는 들깨가루 10큰술을 넣었어요.
    저는 끈적하게 먹고 싶었거든요
    5~10큰술로 취향껏 조절하시면되요

    I put 10 tablespoons of perilla powder in the perilla pasta.
    I wanted to eat something sticky.
    Add 5 to 10 tablespoons as much as you like.

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