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Time to get my freebies! Giant jelly, check! Snowager, check! Giant omelette… Grab. Wait what? Hi guys! Welcome to another episode of Eatbook Cooks! My name is Suphon. And today’s gonna be a really exciting episode, because we’re gonna do something a bit nostalgic. So in commemoration of Neopets 20th anniversary, we’re actually gonna recreate… Neopets omelette! And there’s no better way to start off the episode than having my favourite Neopet with me! That’s right! It’s Chia! He looks like a giant potato that’s always smiling. Just always so happy, with the hands like this. Today we’ll be making 3 different omelettes. Each one can be found from the giant omelette, which I hope you can remember. There’ll be two savoury ones, and one sweet one. So yeah, let’s get started First up, we will be starting with the Bacon and Broccoli omelette. It’s not a common combination, but they actually mix well together here with both crunchy and fluffy textures. We’ll start by preparing a scrambled egg filling. I like to do my scrambled eggs without any milk or cream. Just eggs, salt, and pepper. This puffs up the omelette and gives it a nice, squarish appearance. The key to getting them creamy is to cook them on low heat, and to always stir it around to redistribute the heat. Once they’re done, remove them and set aside. For the omelette, we’re gonna add blanched broccoli, salt, and pepper, to the egg mixture. Then, we’ll beat them up until they are well-combined. Using a cold frying pan, we’ll add some chopped bacon then cook it on low heat until it crispens up. As it cooks, the fat will be released and we’re gonna use some of it to give an extra flavourful kick to the omelette. Pour the egg mixture over the rendered fat. Just swirl the pan from time to time, and push the edges of the egg so that it doesn’t burn so easily. When there are no runny bits left on the egg, scoop the scrambled eggs on the centre of the egg and fold all four sides of the omelette over. Once you’re done with it, flip it onto a plate and it’s ready to be served. Cheese omelette sounds pretty normal, but instead, we’re gonna drench a whole ton of cheese sauce all over the omelette. Just like how it’s done in the game. The sauce is prepared using a roux. This consists of flour and butter. The right ratio of flour to butter is sort of like a wet sand consistency. Once the roux starts to develop some colour, I’m adding in cold milk and whisking it well before adding red cheddar. Adding red cheddar gives it a much more attractive, orangey appearance to it. We’ll prepare the scrambled eggs just the same way as the bacon and broccoli. As always, make sure to use low heat and to remove the pan from the heat when it looks too hot. For the omelette, we’re just gonna go with eggs, salt, and pepper. Instead of using bacon fat, we’ll use a knob of unsalted butter. And as always, just keep swirling the pan around and let the egg cook by itself. Spoon the scrambled eggs on the centre of the omelette and fold the edges over. It might get a little hard to master at first, but keep trying and I’m sure it will work out. Pour a generous amount of cheese sauce and you’re good to go. This ought to make any neopet hungry. Those with adventurous taste buds will probably like the marshmallow omelette. The thought of having a sweet omelette, really does sound pretty crazy. You’ll prepare the marshmallow sauce by melting marshmallows and water over a double boiler. Once the marshmallows are fully dissolved, set them aside. The scrambled eggs are cooked the same way as the other omelettes. But instead of salt, we’re using sugar. The omelette is also prepared using sugar instead of salt. Make sure to go low and slow, and to cook until there are no more runny bits left on the egg. As always, scoop the scrambled eggs into the centre of the omelette, and fold it up like a parcel. The final touch of this sweet omelette is to spoon a generous portion of the marshmallow sauce, and you’re ready to eat! So yeah, here are three different omelettes that you can find in the Neopets universe. I’m not sure how the people in office will react to it, but let’s go! Yeah, like when I was in secondary school, which was a long time ago. I do, but that was a very very long time ago. Wa! Why got so many? I just logged in last week. PD: Huh?! Just for fun. I went to see if I can get my account back. Apparently cannot la. I cannot remember the name of the neopet, but wait, I go and search for you. This animal, I don’t know what is it called. Oh Kacheek! I remembered spinning the wheel, I remembered getting a cloud Scorchio. The handsome one, Gelerts. Mine is a rainbow-coloured then damn handsome one. PD: So in commemoration of Neopets 20th anniversary… Oh okay. We recreated three of their Neopets omelette flavours. Omg! Is it you click, then you get free one? PD: Yes! PD: Yes that one! Eh it does look like… the food you feed the pets cause it’s square. This looks like bacon and broccoli. PD: Oh yes correct! Oh it’s just bacon and broccoli is it? The texture’s very creamy. It’s like the omurice kind of egg style, which I like. This one is something that I kind of tried before, without the broccoli. Just the bacon and egg. It’s nice leh! The egg is like the staple now, then I got my broccoli and my bacon. Can I be a neopet now? I’m very happy! What’s the first stage after you eat? Like satiated. PD: Omg you remember! Yeah got different stages one, then after that will be like bloated. Mmm! Very cheesy. I love it, and there’s multiple layers in the omelette. So it’s very nice and creamy and milky. And the cheese is a nice touch. I quite like this, in fact I would have this for breakfast. If you make for me everyday, Suphon. What cheese did you use? Suphon: Red cheddar. Nice eh! It’s so creamy eh. Wa this one very nice eh. I can’t stop eating it. Cheese omelette, what can go wrong? I legit love eggs so… Any egg dish I’ll eat. PD: Wait till you try the next one. Omg what’s the last one? I’m scared. Eeee! ‘Niam niam’ (sticky) one. What’s this? Interesting. It doesn’t taste like too much like egg anymore. It tastes very sweet, I don’t really know what it is eh. PD: It’s marshmallow. Oh! I like the marshmallow one a lot! PD: Oh you like it?! Yeah! It doesn’t taste like egg at all! Cause you know egg got the eggy taste one, like the egg yolk taste and then it gets too much sometimes. I mean it’s not that bad. I’ve never thought that marshmallow and egg would taste nice together. But you know tamago is very sweet right, so this kind of reminds me of that sweetness of tamago but, a bit too sweet for me. I prefer the other savoury flavours. I think it’s really nice that we finally get to try something which I always wanted to try since I was young. To actually make the squarish omelette, then you put the sauce all over. Yeah I think there’s a sense of nostalgia, and it brings back a lot of memories for some of the colleagues as well also. Can see that their favourite pet is Kacheek, and Shoyru, and that’s really nice. Overall my personal favourite is Chia obviously! But other than that, I like the bacon and broccoli best. The flavours combine really well, one is fatty, and one is healthy. It gives the most balanced flavour. It’s something which I can make at home. It doesn’t take a long time, doesn’t require a lot of cleaning up as well. So yeah, I’ll probably do that. Thank you for watching this episode of Eatbook Cooks. If you like this video, don’t forget to check out the other videos over there! And don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe! Bye!

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