Weber Cast Iron Griddle, the Best YS480 and YS640 Griddle | Product Roundup by All Things Barbecue

Hey, everybody. I’m Chef Tom
with “All Things Barbecue” and today I want to show you
one of my favorite add-ons for the Yoder Smoker YS480
and YS640 pellet grills. It’s the Weber cast
iron reversible griddle. (swooshing) So, yes, you heard me correctly. One of my favorite
add-ons for the YS-series of pellet grills is
actually a Weber product. See the previous genesis models,
they measured 19 and a half inches from the front to
back, just like the YS480 and the YS640, so they fit
perfectly inside those grills. So if you have any grill that
size or even just a little bit larger, this griddle’s gonna
fit perfectly in your grill. This griddle is manufactured
from a porcelain-coated, pre-seasoned cast iron, and as is common with these griddles,
it’s fully-reversible. One side is nice and smooth
for cooking up breakfast items, like eggs, bacon, and pancakes. It’s also perfect for
getting a really nice crust on burgers, steaks, or other proteins. The reverse side has raised
ridges, which is great for toasting bread or grilling sandwiches, or cooking fatty items
where you want some of that fat and grease to cook
away from your cut of meat. It measures 19 and a half
by 13 and a half inches. So now let’s see how it performs. I’ve got the griddle set inside the YS640, no diffuser plate, direct
flame, and it’s nice and hot. We’re gonna be cooking
up a juicy Lucy burger, and we want it to have a perfect sear from one side to the other and a really nice crust, so let’s see how it does. (sizzling) Well the griddle’s done a
really nice job of setting a beautiful crust on these burgers. One thing to remember is that cast iron doesn’t cook like aluminum. There’s going to be some hot spots, but really it’s done a good job of cooking evenly from one side to the other. As you can see, we love
this griddle as it extends the already fantastic versatility of the YS480 and the YS640
grills, or any other grill that fits this griddle
where you really want a nice griddle surface to work with. If you have any questions
about this griddle, or any of the other items
you see on our channel, please do not hesitate to
get in contact with our team. And as always you can purchase
this item at All Things Barbecue, “Where
Barbecue Legends are Made”

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