Weber Griddle Burgers | Burgers On The Weber Gourmet BBQ System Griddle

hey everyone welcome back to another episode of Baum Grillin’z on today’s episode I’m going to show you guys how to use the Weber griddle this is a nice attachment for the gourmet BBQ system i just thought i’d show you guys how i use it so we’re going to cook a burger on it i’m going to show you one of my favorite burgers how I prepare it and all the fixings that go with it so let’s get to it we’ll start up the grill get the charcoal heating up and then while we’re doing that I’ll show you guys the ingredients let’s do it alright let’s take a look at our ingredients we got our onion buns these things are great you haven’t tried them you better check them out then we got our burger patty that’s a little bit bigger than the bun itself so it makes a nice fit it’s good and thick and then we seasoned it with some worcestershire sauce and gourmet burger seasoning and of course you’re going to have your cheddar cheese some maple and brown sugar BACON this stuff is really good got to try that then we’re going to saute some mushrooms some onions and some olive oil and that’ll top off our burger alright let’s get to preparing this our griddle is nice and hot let’s throw our burgers on oh yeah takes two hands to put these things on. I don’t even know if they’re both are going to fit. we’re going to do about four minutes, flip them, do another four minutes, slap some cheese on it and then we’re going to start on our bacon and saute our mushrooms and onions let’s go ahead and give them a flip real quick alright our burgers are looking good. Look good on both sides here so what we’re going to do is we’re going to go ahead and set them up top we’re going to keep them warm then we’ll put some cheese on it here in a little bit. Now clean off the griddle and we’ll get our onion and our mushroom and we’re just going to cook our bacon along with it let’s clean this up we’re going to do about four pieces, two each burger all right now that our bacon is crispin up we’re going to move it over and then we’re going to add our mushrooms and onions we’re just going to dump it right on there gonna move my bacon up on the top there some of the pieces once they get done want them warm okay so everything is looking good our onions and mushrooms are just about there so let’s stick our cheese on just going to put two pieces here will melt that and then we’ll also toast our buns and then we’re just about ready we’re just going to toast our buns real quick got a little butter here put a little bit of that on it. Stick it on the grill everything is ready to go we got our toasted buns and everything else is cooked so let’s build our burgers just going to put some mayonnaise on each side okay then we’re going to do some ketchup ketchup on one side mustard on the other now will top off our burgers on top. Now a couple pieces of bacon. That’s some crispy bacon there and then we’ll add our mushrooms and onions right on top there oh yeah that’s a Baum burger right there all right there you have it that is a burger on the Weber griddle hopefully that gives you a good idea of some of the things that you can do and maybe you can pick one up and you can use it yourself. Well in the meantime, like comment, subscribe let me know how you like the video or maybe some of the things that I can improve on go check out some more of my videos and while you’re doing that I’m going to dig into this burger oh yeah that’s a Baum burger That is really good! hit that subscribe button! check out some more of my videos give me a thumbs up guys excellent! Baum Grillin’z Out!

72 comments on “Weber Griddle Burgers | Burgers On The Weber Gourmet BBQ System Griddle”

  1. Mark M says:

    Them burgers look beast buddy…. just purchased a Master Touch, and I haven't cooked indoors for days lol πŸ”πŸ‘

  2. Peter Salls says:

    that skillet thing is pretty nice. how long does it take for the charcoal to heat up in the chimney?

  3. Peter Salls says:

    do you have the 22 or the 26 inch model?

  4. Billy Brackeen says:

    Great Production quality. Subbed!

  5. Billy Brackeen says:

    Where did you get that rack that you put the patties to stay warm? Need that!

  6. MrAbletospeak says:

    Woostershire or just wooster sauce is the pronunciation.

  7. MrAbletospeak says:

    Is that Weber griddle enameled or seasoned iron?

  8. John Whitcomb says:

    burger looks absolutely amazing!! loving the cowboy kitchen setup.

  9. Jesse Rabago says:

    That's a tasty Burger. when I cook with bacon I always cook bacon first so every thing else is flavored in bacon grease. Not the healthy choice BUT it is bacon burgers.

  10. carkim521 says:

    Just a little advice…your griddle is ENAMEL covered, cast iron. It is not painted enamel…it is a glass substance. This is what keeps it from rusting. You should never use metal utensils on it. if you chip the enamel, it will rust. More importantly…you may eat glass in your food. i have used enamel covered cast iron for years. i love it, but you have to treat them like you would treat a glass dish. If you bang it around, or scratch it, with metal utensils, it will be trash soon. Also let it cool, before washing. It can't handle extreme temp changes…cold water in hot griddle, etc.
    Love your videos though! Keep Grillin'! πŸ™‚

  11. carkim521 says:

    One more thing. Haha!
    Please keep giving us more videos on the Weber Gourmet System! The griddle, pizza stone, etc. If you have the Wok…we would love recipes for that one too. Thanks!

  12. Mayhem says:

    i subbed ya man nice work.

    Awesome burger.

  13. htowngurl17 says:

    This made me so hungry looks so good

  14. Paparoach8676 says:

    Good video and great looking burgers!!!!

  15. Phil N Florence says:

    Oh man, my kind of eatin right there. All the right stuff for a country boy style burger. Love the setup and nice presentation. The burger was the bomb, or is that BAUM. lol

  16. Paddyboy Solis says:

    Great video! The burgers look delicious. Grill on!

  17. Toby Bridges says:

    Onion buns are the best.

  18. Matt f says:

    Onions and mushrooms are one of my favorite burgers, sometimes with bbq sauce. I like to use a higher fat content melty cheese and put that on top of the mushrooms/onions, holds it all in place nicely

  19. ricky scott says:

    ketchup,mustard and mayo fucked your whole vid…..loser…

  20. Arcade Party says:

    That's one awesome grill table! Great video.

  21. 35indepth35 says:

    Whats the point of barbecue if you are cooking the burger patties in a pan?

  22. The Real Joey B says:

    12400th looking good

  23. Eric Galyean says:

    Ur awesome. I love ur "butter knife"

  24. PROfloor-restore says:

    its spelt Worchestershire but we pronounce it wooster! thats the english language for ya!

  25. Sideyard Barbecue says:

    How did you have your vents set up for this cook? Β I have this set up and have only used griddle for breakfast buy I'm tying this cook soon. Thanks for vid!

  26. MemphisMike says:

    Great looking burger. What size is your grill diameter?

  27. Ascent 41 says:

    Awesome vids, keep em coming. Just one point….. The onion rolls best before date is April 13, the vid was published in 2017 so let's hope 13 is the day not the year lol. Anyway enjoyed watching so thumbs up atb Si

  28. jfrancour says:

    What kind of lighter was that you used to light the cubes?

  29. Richard Garza says:

    Burgers looks good

  30. Bobby says:

    Looks great!!!πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

  31. fcukugimmeausername says:

    Buns were best by April 2013…

  32. The BBQ Chef says:

    The bacon looked good.

  33. woozone says:

    This is good. Β Now I want to get one of those round things.

  34. Robin Chamberlain says:

    Looks like shit

  35. Michael Panitch says:

    You need more ketchup πŸ™‚

  36. Kris Peerali says:

    any idea what temperature the griddle gets too?

  37. slim pickens says:

    Hunts ketchup is a fail ! Heinz!

  38. timothymdogg says:

    Holy sh**, dude!
    You are the man…I subscribed just based on this one video and I don’t subscribe to too many channels. Thanks for the ideas, you’re my new secret weapon!!!!!

  39. MidnightRyder says:

    patties don't look that good lol…barely a crust on it

  40. Dana Reynolds says:

    why did you do the toppings first, so the burgers don't over cook?

  41. DFA Badminton says:

    It's pronounced Wu-ster-shur. Not Shire. Not chester. πŸ˜€

  42. pwrcstr says:

    Where's mine?! πŸ™‚

  43. Eric Galyean says:

    Great video as always. Do u like the Cowboy brand??

  44. Eric Galyean says:

    Have u ever tried smash burgers with that?

  45. Thabang Lebeloane says:

    That's too proper!

  46. jhitt79 says:

    The best way to make a bacon burger is to cook the bacon about 1/4-1/2 way first then dice it up really fine and mix it right into the burger. Secondly the griddle insert in my opinion is a waste of money. The casting isn't that good and why wouldn't you want something more versatile? I like being able to slide my pan around for more control then have it stuck in the center. For example maybe you have a couple different items on the grill and you want the direct heat side for the burger and indirect heat for the fixings. I'd rather be able to slide my pan where I want it instead of stuck in the middle.

  47. Ron Zufelt says:

    Just found you and sub. Nice burger. Maybe you have showed before. Could we get a view of the table with the kettle?

  48. pingstick says:


  49. Tactical Dildo says:

    It's a freakin frying pan without the handle…lololol

  50. Michael B says:

    What kind of lighter are you using?

  51. JLopez28 says:

    Your the reason why I decided to buy a Weber grill over any other brand. Keep them videos coming brother.

  52. Eric Galyean says:

    Did u add oil to the griddle before putting the patties on??

  53. Eric Galyean says:

    Just got the griddle and the sear grate. Gonna try some burgers tonight. Thanks for the videos

  54. ChetoDaTruth says:

    So do the baskets go directly under the griddle or on the sides?

  55. William Blanck says:

    Have to admit was impressed with this video, the burgers were making my mouth drool..great job and keep them coming

  56. Ted Staples says:

    Good stuff.

  57. MemphisMike says:

    Looks fantastic and the griddle looks nice. my concern would be cooking for more than 2 people at a time. the mushroom/onion is a MUST. great vid..just bought a new Weber…..Went with The Performer Deluxe!

  58. Papa Sears says:

    looks little over cooked but nice vid

  59. Jordan Baeza says:

    Have you had any issues with that griddle? I just bought my master touch grill and looking to buy the griddle and sear.. but I've been seeing people bash the griddle because it's not full cast iron.. any issues you've had. Love your input

  60. Cody Bishop says:

    Damn those look good. My Chargriller Akorn fell apart (rusted out) and they won't warranty anything. Thinking about switching to a Weber Kettle grill. Thoughts?

  61. pieterjan loosveldt says:

    explicit content ahead guys! foodporn right here!!!!!!! wow man that looked so goooooooood ;p

  62. Julian Grant says:

    Worcestershire Sauce – Worcester is a city in England. "Shire" is an old English word for county, so Worcestershire = county of Worcester pronounced in England Wuss-tur-sheer! So now you know! There's also a place called Leicester pronounced Lester… Ah.. England & the USA 2countries divided by a common language…

  63. Justin Ford says:

    adjust camera exposure.

  64. Keith Drummond says:

    Dear lord in heaven, that looks amazing. I'll bet that griddle would work well for pizza too.

  65. jerro19711971 says:

    They tell me that butter makes it better

  66. Matthew Evey says:

    I have to agree, you did it all backwards. Cook topings first, then burger. The warming rack will dry burger out. Also, you are going to trash that griddle.

  67. Eric Galyean says:

    Weber should hire u to push the GBS product line. I know I bought most of it because of u. Thanks for sharing bro.

  68. David Andriani says:

    I want to hate on you so bad but damn that looks good

  69. Penny Budget says:

    Hunts ketchup???? Come on man!!!

  70. phuxus says:

    those burgers look really dry, cold too! i'd throw them in the garbage if i were you.

  71. Douglas Barrow says:

    Nice job man. I just got a Weber Performer Deluxe. Used it a couple of times so far. It's really nice. The little propane starter works well for starting the charcoal. I like that warming rack you have there. Might have to get one of those.

  72. A55EENONTV says:

    Correct me if I'm wrong y'all. But cooking burgers on this, you might as well be cooking them in a cast iron pan on the stove. Whole point of grilling burgers is getting the fat to burn off the coals, giving you that "grilled" burger flavors.

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