hi guys welcome to a brand new vlog
we’re shooting something secret but exciting today with Ted Baker I can’t
tell you very much right now but youll see iy very soon make sure you follow my instagram @inthefrow and then you’ll see it really soon hello.the absolute superstar of the vlog. Im gonna go viral again aren’t I. Literally the people loved me last time. yea except for one person, you know what I mean. not even focused on that. I mean its hard to be such a superstar. And Im on Vogue as well, I don’t know if you knew. but I had a big wedding the other week Its a bit different you wearing a knit. It’s so me isn’t it. Finished up my second look. I can’t really show you anything yet
there’s a whole like top secret But Ive just finished my second look and Alex is just shooting something as well gorgeous location in here. So beautiful –
people have weddings in here how dreamy also how beautiful is this lipstick, I Love this colour – my
eyes look so blue recently hey guys welcome back welcome to Rome
we’ve just arrived we’re here with H&M and Giambattista Valli for the big big
launch event. You might remember, it feels like forever ago now but in May we went
away on a trip in San Tropez and we took this picture of me in this amazing pink
dress from the collection and that was kind of like a pre- teaser and then now
October is like the big big launch it’s gonna be hitting H&M really really soon so I
am wearing a piece from the collection but this is a really beautiful floaty
dress and v-neck but it’s an absolutely beautiful dress with the details I mean
the it’s so exquisite the amount of detail they’ve put into these dresses. You see with Giambattista Valli, he is known for his floral intricate floaty ethereal
dresses and then obviously with H&M so it’s kind of Giambattista Valli at
this kind of affordable price point which is incredible and amazing so many
people to be able to buy into Giambattista Valli, like me, so I’m really really
excited and this is just superb, beautiful quality, so much detail,
gorgeous fabric, so I really love it. It goes down into a bit of a MIDI, so I’ve
put it on with my my calf length pink boots and a bit of a face of makeup. The
suns gone down now but when I go and do some pictures and
Pizza night I think. we’ve just been taking pictures of this beautiful dress. What were those fountains called? Erm, one sec. Piazza Navona. Weve been taking pictures there and then literally walked over here and found this cute restaurant. So we’re sat here having a really adorable pasta meal. Cheesy date. Bon appetite. Morning, it is the second morning
this is today’s dress and this is my absolute favorite at the whole
collection it is just the most beautiful detailing. This shift neck down
into tulled, very voluminous tulle skirt and then the band across the waist –
again I kind of wish I had this in a six but again I’m just taking
pictures – so this is an eight. I love it I love it I just kind of left my hair from
my office then tied in a little ponytail and pull some bits out so it’s a little
bit um whimsical I suppose my usual usual I makeup as always and I’ve used
some new Marc Jacobs eyeliners as well as a copper line but its really really
nice very impressed with those so I think we are
are ready to go now we have to go out We’re going to the Spanish Steps
and of course dressing like this I’m gonna be stared at constantly
taking these pictures, but that’s what you have to do so that’s what we’re
gonna go do now and then we will probably get coffee. We’re back in the room. I didn’t manage
to take out my camera to our photo shoot because when we were taking pictures and
we had no time photo right here but here’s the photo in fact no I don’t know
they might not see the photo yeah it was not the photo that’s not the photo oh no
in fact if we do have it it’ll be right here covering my hand we don’t seem to
be that mr. democratic so it’s quick hopefully we’re not gonna go have some
lunch for the hnm team I’m it’s quite a lot of different sort of press and media
that here for the show and the event and the collection launching I think it’s
just me and awesome Susie Lau from Susie bubble she’s here so it’s just of us to
covering it from an an influencer perspective so it’s very very nice to be
included I ready to go I am of course wearing my beloved jumper so many of you
have bought this jumper it’s unbelievable
so I’m glad you like it guys bits like 20 quid
we are inside this is that’s free our we have our get
our in handy no we’ve got like an every time out
I thought you member couldn’t be in half an hour so we’re what just place cold but they’re pretty way bill didn’t looks
like a cake with their with that because we yeah we had a bit free time so I
thought it’s only 10 minutes walk from the hotel we might as well so we’re
doing a time bit site syncs access have seen many places in Ramah how many
important interests on the road car seems just on the road so when I go
around here this like a big cake I think they would call it like the cake gate
building if it’s so can you imagine this in my hallway guys is flooring this
would be so cool ioannis bang I am all ready to go so
tonight is the big show htm’ jump to Yusuf Ali show is tonight
so I have got myself into my little H&M dress I’ve long it’s quite a few times
recently and I’m really really enjoying it and it’s nice to kind of reuse my
dresses over and over and this is one that I really love and I’ve seen so many
of you also have bought this so I hope you love it too
I’ve gone for a bit of a pink theme some wearing my little at deal kind of
pearlescent ladies your and then on my feet I’ve got my Shelby to it rosy pink
boobs so rather than going for heels I thought I’d go for the boot option and
in the bag and I just do my hair little Gordon G tinsel again as always so yeah
when I head down now you guys have a drink and I’m gonna go to the show and
there’s a full catwalk and runway and then after that we are going to patron
store where we have were able to buy the items now so I will bring you along and
show you the show Wow this is unbelievable look at these
seeds absolutely stunning
so this is where they shot the entire campaign pledge up to the valley range
this is just unreal 3 is good all good morning guys but last night was
fantastic the show was absolutely awesome truly one of my like favorite
and like I know fashion fashion models awesome but that was like one of the
coolest shows definitely of the past few months I’m still very very grateful that
I got the chance to come along to this because but we’re not many of us that
were brought from the UK so it’s very kind of exclusive and I feel very
grateful that I was chosen to come along to represent the UK and a fantastic
night I mean the team just went to the after party afterwards and I went to the
pop pop – a look at the clothes so it was great and I was in bed by half 12 so
win-win just getting ourselves ready today
our flights been pushed back by three hours but just means we get one last
lovely lunch with the team and I’m not gonna put much makeup on because I want
to save my skin but as always was put on my belly me AMD Mike’s team at SPF in
sand just so that I’ve got like a a light base of SPF on and because I like
the color it gives me who else become quite fond on so the bare minerals
better lipsticks I always talk about I usually use peony but I’m also quite
loving camellia camellia the moment as well so I cut back that arm why don’t
someone living in these vlogs I do like to kind of show you like what are two
products I’ve actually like obsessed with I’m in fact this is one thing I’m
obsessed with now it’s the India Sun some some stock and warmth bronzer it’s
just a really kind of like thoughtful it’s a very cool toned supplement a lot
in the crease and for like bronzing and contouring so make a pattern out might
put a little bit understand one and I probably just put some soap brows
every day I do my soap browser brands and I’ve been using this guy this new
browsing benefit browsing bro palette and that has been kind of mixing a few
of these little guys together this and it’s going through my brows picking them
up a bit after I’ve done my soap brows so I’ll just do that
it’s a very very light coating yeah and I won’t get ourselves off for lunch and
then back to the plane and done day way makeup on let’s just done
it’s a row apart from a little bit of brows and my community lipstick nothing
that’s all I’ve done and my hair is a right old mess from last night it will
do it will definitely – you ready babe I am they gonna head on down now everybody
hi guys it’s been a few days actually since we caught up after we got back
from row row after got back from Rome because my moment stepdad happen over
time a little baby island so we’ve just been having a bit of like
family time so I’m not gonna be blogging we’ve just been out spending our wedding
vows so I thought I would kind do a little bit like a wedding gift haul
because a lot of our guests at the wedding bottles John Lewis vouchers so
we’ve been to John Lewis and bought things for the house mainly for Amex
because he is the chef of the house oh it’s not for me you you benefit from it
– yeah I know I do too but primarily I just what have some better tools so you
can make me even more amazing food this thing we use some new pounds how old are
all parents open for years they’ll bust them broken all busted so you’ve got
this three-piece off and set behind you this is this
machole is it guys yeah they’re great but I do like the fact they have these
fuzz balls on them which is really nice and these lovely top handles I really
wanted to go for rubber ones but they didn’t have these one because they want
to be nice rubber tops so it’s right well they’re just really nicely made
just never lost and super nice so you get these accessories everything
regardless a saute pan what was another get 26 cents new to this is relics to
miss to saute me some delicious again a little these handles especially for me
because this is going to be heavy for me because they’re so robust I need that fantastic we kind of have something
similar to this dough is this wrong is good it’s way bigger isn’t that the new
one yeah but you never know we might need to its use thing quick wedding
money you end up I think you buy things not only that you need but I think you
you update but I mean with stuff like this I don’t feel like they’ve got a
lifetime warranty on them I think so but I honestly think these are lasts forever
now yeah and then we also got a shallow frame nobody I’ve ever had one of these so yes
we’ve got this I just get scared the tricks it’s so big you like small spaces using an item in a long time or right so
those are not pants we are also gonna buy loads of nice aren’t way the money
but we didn’t have this really wanted the best oh okay oh then watch all the
bonus yeah this pretty joke just got really lovely
organic shape to the top you’re gonna go put in my coffee nice neat jump in bars
drop things on everything you can do this and stick it any Pam candy you
can’t feel it up and we just got a slice slice and sharp and you sharpen your
knives on this good gimmick even use it as a chocolate
about that we’ve got a Robert Welch signatures like so much very needed and
in fact all our own these are all Robert Welch yeah this is the third one now
because the second one we bought from I wasn’t home sense it was TK Maxx wasn’t
it just basically crushed it into itself and then never came out yeah it’s got a
little spoon to get out the garlic tryna cute and fitted with my balloon theme
and this is our owner it’s not long enough because table is so long but we
could buy a sec come on but if not it’s just great for me have
friends over it would have set the four of us and we can just leave this on now
Jessica you take off now I might actually I’m gonna oil this table I
think today I think I need to get it done yeah we’ve in fact I’ll show you
that we’ve just had the core nice put in the bathroom yes so we’ve had this car
nice put up which I think really finishes after I think yeah it makes
that top of the wall does look a lot nicer now so this is we’re gonna go over
this we’re going to Sun down these walls a bit we’re gonna repaint it and make it
really perfect at the moment it if not and it really annoys me Oh which part I
need to put our painting back up here and I plant back hmm walk nice is
freedom again I’m going to spend the rest of the day with the family I just
really wanted to do this little like a wedding gift haul for you guys before I
actually forget and also it’s good for me to remember exactly
what we got for our wedding but you’re quite nice so I will leave it here I’m
going to edit this video now I’m going to set the count with the fam and edit
this video and yeah I’ll be on the comments saying hello if you want to
leave a coat and make sure you subscribe if you are brand new or not subscribe
and I’ll see you soon you

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