Wegmans Roasted Sirloin Au Jus

Hey, guys, I’m Chef Mark,
and today I’m gonna make for you a nice roast with an au jus
to go along with it. For me, I’m going with
the sirloin roast here. There’s several other options. I might do a top round roast
or a beef tenderloin, but I love the flavor of a sirloin. And the fact that this is in a roast form,
a little bit taller than that, makes that a lot nice for slicing
and putting some flavor into it. All right, let’s grab a roll
for our sandwiches here. So we’re gonna go
with this kimmelweck roll. And if you can see,
it’s caraway and salt on the top. Loosely translated
in certain parts of Germany, kimmelweck means caraway roll. So these will be perfect. Made popular in western New York,
beef on weck sandwiches, we love ’em. The last thing we need
to grab for our dish here is gonna be something
to season it with. We’re gonna use
cracked pepper blend here along with garlic
on the inside of this, we’re gonna use rosemary,
some other garlic, basting it on the outside,
it’s gonna be delicious. Let’s go put this thing together. All right,
a couple steps to this one and we’ll be on our way
to beef perfection here. So, it’s real easy to do. With this one, I’m gonna start
to make our au jus at the bottom. So I put some large mirepoix
at the bottom. So it’s carrots, onion, celery. And then we’re gonna put
some of our olive oil on there. What this is gonna do
is as that beef roasts, the olive oil’s gonna
keep that thing from drying out so we won’t burn our mirepoix
down at the bottom. So that will stay
nice and moist, but it’s also gonna give us a little bit
of a bed down at the base of the roast. So when I put that
on there, all those beef juices
are gonna flavor that and we’ll make our sauce later. So, now our beef. I’m gonna make six holes
with a paring knife. And we’re gonna put some garlic
and the rosemary on there. So, all you gotta do
is find your spots, and I’ve got half a clove of garlic
going in each one of those holes. Okay, rosemary goes in. We’re gonna season it
with our cracked pepper blend. Put that on there. This goes on. Basting oil. And what I want you to do
is get in there with your hands and you’re gonna
move this all around. Don’t be afraid of it. Move it all around,
get it nice and coated. Basting oil
adds some flavor, some of that parsley
and some of that dried thyme in there. Our garlic oil. This goes on top of the mirepoix
just like that. It’s gonna go into
a 450 degree oven. Fifteen minutes is all
I want you to do first. That’ll give it an initial sear,
some browning on the outside, some good flavor. Back it down to 350
for the rest of the time. You’re gonna cook it
about 20 minutes a pound. It’ll be about medium rare for us. Let me clean this up
and then it’s gonna go in the oven. So, my roast is done. I temped it over there. To me, perfect medium rare. I’m gonna pull it out of the oven
at about 128, that gives it enough chance to rise. 135 or so is gonna be a good
medium rare for finishing. So to finish this thing
and make our sauce, we’re gonna take our roast
and lift it up. Let’s take some of those vegetables
off the bottom. I’m gonna place it on my cutting board
and we’re gonna let that rest, about 20 minutes or so is gonna
be good to allow that meat to relax and those juices to redistribute
back through the insides. So, nice and pink all the way through. Then I take my pan and I look
at the mirepoix down at the bottom, decide whether there’s
too much fat on the bottom. For me, this is pretty good. So I’m gonna take a quart
of our beef culinary stock, place that all the way in,
and let’s turn up our heat. I’m gonna cook this,
I’m gonna scrape the bottom to get all those little brown bits
off the bottom, just like grandma did, to make that nice au jus
off the bottom there. So scrape this. We’re gonna cook this. That’s gonna rest. I’m gonna let this reduce
by half to concentrate the flavor of this vegetable
and all the juices that were inside. So the meat’s thoroughly rested. That’ll be sliced in a second. But now I just need to strain off
this liquid here. Could you give me a hand here
for a second? All right, perfect. So, you strain this off,
get our juices, take off all of our solids. Thank you very much, nice job. Okay. Then we’re gonna serve that
with our beef here. So, you take little slices off of this,
nice and thin. Make sure that you’re moving
the knife back and forth, get really nice thin slices
off of this. Starts to fold up a little bit. Really gorgeous. If you happen to get the slice of the big
piece of garlic with rosemary, you win. Lucky you. And then we’re gonna go right
on top of a kimmelweck roll. Really flavorful. Perfect to go along
with that kimmelweck roll is gonna be our au jus. For me, I like to take that
and dip a little bit on the top, as well as spoon a little bit
over the top of the meat. And you are one happy camper.

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  1. Alfonsus Krisjulianto says:

    Thats medium well i guess..

  2. Matt Clark says:

    I think that was lil more done than described, but who cares? Looks deelish. Liked the fist bump. Great vid and quality.

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