West African Pork and Peanut Stew

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want to watch them. (♪♪♪) Well, we are so hot here on
Great Tastes of Manitoba today with our Kung Pao that we just
wrapped up that the black-eyed peas are gonna be joining
us here in just a moment, not the band, the good
kind, the edible kind. We’re going to West Africa,
we’re doing West African Pork & Peanut Stew. Susan, this is so
interesting, let’s get going. Okay, for this segment
we’re going to use pork shoulder cubes. But this is different,
right, this is a different process completely? Yes. So unlike our other two recipes
where we used loin cuts that are great for fast cooking,
dry heat cooking, we’re using pork shoulder, and
you can see that the meat is a little bit more marbled, and
so it comes from the shoulder, so it lends itself
to low slow cooking, ‘re gonnaRdo in our slow cooker. So you can prep this
yourself at home, but if you can outsource
it to the butcher. Absolutely, which is what I’ve
done because he’s managed to trim them up really
nicely for me, so that’s just an extra
time saving step at home. They typically don’t
charge extra for it either. So, we’re starting with
our pork shoulder cubes, and essentially with a slow
cooker everything just goes into the pot. So, we’ve got our
pork shoulder cubes, we’re gonna add some onion. Peak of the Market. That can be local, that’s
always best, right? And garlic, of course. And then we’ve chopped
up some plum tomatoes, those are gonna go in
there, some fresh ones. Now, what is this? You’re always with
the heat it seems like. Do you have something
else hot for us here? No, this is actually
just some tomato paste, and that’s gonna just add some
colour and thickness to the stew once it starts cooking. Lovely. And then we’re also gonna
put in some chicken broth, that’s our liquid,
about a cup of that, and basically just stir
that all up a little bit. But the best part about any kind
of slow cooker recipe is about to take place, and it’s
basically where you put the lid on, you turn it on and
you just walk away, you back away from it and
you don’t think about it for a long time,
it’s done, right? Exactly. So, this is gonna go on low heat
6 to 8 hours, and like you say, you basically put the
ingredients in and walk away. Just walk away, just
walk away, perfect. Pretend that it
doesn’t exist. Okay. So, now we’ve got sort of our
completed, so this has been, we’ve walked away
for 6 to 8 hours, and so we’ve got that here and
we’re gonna bring it on over. By the way, this is the coolest,
it’s got a retractable cord on it, I love that. And they’re programmable,
which is awesome too. So, we’ve got our West African
Pork & Peanut Stew to the point now we’re gonna add
those black-eyed peas and all of our
great spices. Let’s get it started. So, black-eyed peas, it’s an
edible bean, tastes like a pea, and unique little black spot
on it that kind of looks like an eye, so I guess that
gives you the name. Now, but you don’t
absolutely have to, like, what could you substitute if
you go to your cupboard and go, ah dang, I just used the last of
my black-eyed peas this morning? Maybe chickpeas or
something like that. Chickpeas, okay. We’ve also go our spices
that need to go in. What was in
there, by the way? So, we’ve got a whole
variety of aromatic spices. We’ve got cumin and salt and
curry powder, ground ginger, cinnamon, cayenne pepper,
all just great flavours in all of those. So, again, we’re
gonna mix that up, and then we’re also gonna
add in our peanut butter. See, when I was in kindergarten,
we read a story about peanut soup and it was terrible,
not the story, the soup, so I’m very excited to see how
this turns out ’cause I think we can do better than the
kindergarten peanut stew that we had. This is going to make the stew
just really creamy and silky, and again, just
really stir that up. You would reheat it for
about another 15 minutes with the lid on. Smooth peanut
butter, crunchy? This one’s
actually crunchy. Does it matter, I guess,
if you’re having peanuts, if you’re adding
nuts to it, right? I think the main thing is just
try to use an all natural peanut butter, so you’re not getting
all of that extra sugar and that kind
of stuff in there. Okay. So you can already see the
consistency is changed. Brilliant, okay. And then we would simply
serve that in a bowl again. What is it
about a bowl? They’re so round and so lovely
and, oh, stew on top of it. Great way to eat
in front of the TV. And then garnish with some
cilantro and a little bit of chopped peanuts. Now, do we put that in
with the slow cooker, or is that something
that we add after? No, you can
add that after. Before you serve though, toss in
a little bit of lemon juice and that’s just gonna help
refresh all of the flavours that are in there. Refreshing. I mean it just
smells extraordinary, and can we
grab this recipe? Absolutely, you can get it
on manitobapork.com/recipes, it’s also in our
slow cooker guide. Go quickly. It’s one of our best ones. It smells absolutely
fantastic. West African Pork &
Peanut Stew, delish. And so Sheila Nash, she’s
gonna be coming back. Beverage pairings,
what will she do? We’ll find out when we come back
to Great Tastes of Manitoba. Announcer: You’re watching
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so much better.

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