What I Eat in a Day Fall Edition + NEW Quinoa Oatmeal Recipe

(lively music) – To start off this morning, I made my lemon and ginger water. Usually I just have lemon,
but I’ve been adding ginger in it lately just for that
extra immune boosting powers because it’s cold and flu
season and everyone I know is sick or battling a cold and I’m trying to just give my immune
system some extra love, squeezing in some fresh lemon juice. (lively music) I’m also making a glass
for Chloe who was filming and who also was sick at this time, so she needed some extra love as well. My little trick for
ginger is just to use one of these ceramic graters. I will link this one down below. You can just grate it
and then all you have to do is take that pulp and squish it between your fingers to let out all of that delicious ginger juice. It’s a really quick way instead of having to actually lug out your juicer. This is the quickest way to do it. (lively music) Top it off with some filtered
water and you have yourself some homemade wellness shots or drinks. And I always make sure
to compost my lemon skins or any produce, really,
that I’m using at home so I always have a compost
right on the counter top. boiling up some water. By the way, I’m realizing
how dirty my kettle is. I need to clean it. Excuse that. (lively music) And for today, I thought I would swap out my usual herbal coffee
for a golden milk latte. This is just one of those mushroom mixes. I will link it down below. You can, of course, make your own homemade golden milk latte. I’ll have a recipe linked down below, but I’m just gonna add some hot water, some unsweetened oat milk and then, I’m gonna blend everything
up so it gets nice and smooth and frothy
and you have yourself a homemade latte. Honestly, I’m all about
the homemade stuff. You save money, it’s better, it’s fresher, and it’s so much quicker
to do instead of having to run out to the drive-through and order yourself a morning drink. Sprinkle on some cinnamon
and you have yourself a super cozy drink that’s also really good for you and it tastes delicious. Good morning, health nuts. Welcome back to my channel. My name is Nicole Gonsalves. If you’re new here, hello, welcome. Today, I’m gonna be doing another
what I eat in a day video. We’re doing it like a
post-Canadian Thanksgiving, cozy fall themed style today because I’m sad turkey day is gone but I’m really excited because
I have some yummy recipes I’m gonna be sharing in today’s video. I also just want to give a huge thank you to KitchenAid for
sponsoring and collaborating with me on today’s video. I have been a huge fan of
KitchenAid for a very long time. Last year, I finally got, I’m looking at it over,
over on the counter. I finally got my stand
mixer, which is so beautiful. It’s yellow. It just makes me happy every time I use it and they just sent me
their food processor, which I, I always feel
like food processors are so underrated and I’m really excited because my old food processor, I swear, was like eight years old. It was falling apart it, it was already cracked and broken, and I was in need of an upgrade. So I got a fancy new
KitchenAid food processor that I’m gonna share with
you guys why it’s so great, why it’s different from other ones and how I like to use it, because I think some
people just don’t know why they may need a food processor, but I’m telling you, besides a blender, it is one of my most used
kitchen appliances ever. They also just celebrated
their 100-year anniversary, which is really cool and I just think all their products are such
high-quality and amazing and I’m just so happy
to have them supporting my channel in this video today. for breakfast today, I’m
actually gonna make a recipe from “The HealthNut Cookbook.” I’m making my almond
orange quinoa oatmeal. It’s so delicious. There’s not a photo
for it in the cookbook, but I promise, it’s really yummy and I have everything I need for it. So I’m gonna make that for breakfast. Let’s hop over to the
kitchen and go make some, a bowl of oats. shall we? Let’s go. To make this recipe, I’m
starting off with some water, bringing that to a boil
with a pinch of sea salt. And the mixture for this oatmeal is rolled oats and red quinoa. I didn’t have any red quinoa
so I just did a mixture. I’m all about using what you have on hand. Don’t feel like you have to go out and buy every exact ingredient. If you have a substitute,
use that instead. Once that is mostly cooked up, I’m gonna add in a frozen
banana, some orange zest. ♪ This will be the last time ♪ Almond extract, spices;
I have cinnamon, nutmeg, and then I’m also adding
in some coconut milk. Give it a stir so it gets
nice and incorporated and you’re just gonna let that
cook for a little bit longer. While that’s cooking up, I’m gonna toast up some sliced almonds, which I love the crunch of
almonds topped onto my oatmeal. It’s a really good combination. Now that our oatmeal is done, I’m just gonna serve it
into a nice big bowl. I love the flavor of the almond
and the orange zest in this. It’s so delicious and it’s
kind of like a different take on oatmeal than you’re probably used to. So for toppings, I have some
sliced up Cara Cara oranges, which are one of my favorites. I love the beautiful color that they have. Drizzle on some creamy almond butter. (lively music) Those toasted almonds and a drizzle of Canadian maple syrup. In my opinion, you can never have too many toppings on your oatmeal. (lively music) I honestly can’t tell you
how good this oatmeal smells. The almond with the orange is so good and then I love the mixture
of the oats with the quinoa. Mmm, mmm, it’s so good. Okay, so, I’m gonna have
this while I do some emails. Lately, I’ve been really enjoying just doing emails on the couch. I know it’s not the best
workspace but I’m just feeling like all the cozy vibes right now and if I have to get cozy on the
couch to do some emails to make them a little bit more bearable, then I’m gonna do that. So, I’m gonna enjoy this bowl of cozy oats and I’ll see you guys for lunch. I already have some
shrimp thawing for lunch. I’m planning ahead today
because I already kind of know what I’m making today. But yeah, I’m gonna enjoy these, and I’ll see you guys in a little bit. Mmm, so good. (lively music) For lunch, I’m making my fried cauliflower rice shrimp stir-fry. I love this recipe. It’s so easy to put together. First we’re gonna be making
some cauliflower rice, so I’m just gonna cut my
big cauliflower in half. This was a really big one, and
I’m just going to chop it up into some more manageable chunks. (lively music) To make the cauliflower rice, I’m gonna be using my
KitchenAid food processor. I love this model because all
of the pieces fit conveniently within each other so
you don’t have to worry about storing them separately. It’s the smallest features that make the biggest difference
and when you’re wanting to be efficient and
seamless in the kitchen, these are the things I look for. (lively music) To make the cauliflower rice, I’m gonna use the grating disc attachment. So basically, it has two
sides, one slices, one grates. Drop the cauliflower
florets down the chute and then just press them down to grate. (lively music) And this is what it looks
like when it’s done. The texture really does look like rice especially when you cook it up. And even when you eat it,
it does trick your mind into thinking it’s real rice. (lively music) I’m heating up a large pan
with some toasted sesame oil and I’m gonna saute some
onion and garlic and ginger. Now the key to making a stir-fry
is you want the heat high and you want to cook
everything for a short period of time so your veggies and ingredients get crispy and not soggy. Adding my shrimp and my spices. I’m using dry chili
flakes, Chinese five-spice, which is one of my underrated foods, if you watch that video, and then, of course, some
salt and black pepper. Just saute everything until your shrimp is almost completely opaque. It’s gonna have a few
more minutes to cook up. Adding in our cauliflower
rice, our frozen mix veg, and for liquid, I have
some tamari and water. This is gonna help steam and cook up that cauliflower rice
while giving some flavor. During the last minute, you’re
just gonna make a little well in the middle, crack in a couple of eggs, season it with salt and pepper. Give it a quick scramble
and then incorporate it into the rest of the mixture. I love that this dish is
all made in one easy pot, less cleanup and it just
makes things way quicker. To plate, I’m just gonna garnish it with some sliced green
onion, sesame seeds, and a good drizzle of some hot sauce. So good. Mmm. And the cauliflower rice
was so easy to make. So I’m gonna enjoy this, and
then I think my grandparents are coming over for a little
afternoon coffee date. They’re here visiting
from Portugal right now, which is really nice. So I gotta do a little bit of cleaning up before they get here,
but I’m gonna enjoy this, do a little bit more work
before they get here, and I will see you guys for dinner. Mmm, probably snack time. Okay, bye! So grandparents came by with my mom. I didn’t actually end up
having a tea while they were here, because they just got Tim’s, but I just made myself a little cup of some lavender chamomile
because it’s just like a nice calming tea to
have in the afternoon. And then, I was feeling a little peckish, so I just did, you would
have seen this hack in my back-to-school
meal prep packs video. I’ll link it down below, but
basically, this is great. You can take it on the go or
you can just make them at home, but you can put hummus or
nut butter on the bottom and then you just stack in
your fruit or veggie slices. And the nice thing is is
that each time you grab one, you have some of the dip. And as you can see, I’ve
upgraded to my kitchen table. I’m gonna do some emails right now. Basically, my week is always broken out into very different days. Some days, for me, I’m just
on my computer all day. Other days, we’re shooting
and filming videos and photos for the blog. Other days, I’m running
around for meetings or events. So, every day looks different to me, but I really do like these at home, cozy days where I can just make good food, take things kind of at my own pace, spend some time with our pup, Cashew, and, you know, have family come and visit ’cause that’s always nice. So I’m gonna enjoy this tea. It’s very hot right now. I got my to-do list here. I’m gonna get through some more emails and I will see you guys for
dinner, which I’m so excited. I’m testing out a new recipe
which will be on the blog by the time this video goes live. So stay tuned. (lively music) Emails, yay! (laughing) For dinner, I’m making a new recipe. It’s my pumpkin turkey meatballs. I’m gonna first start by chopping up my onion and garlic
in my food processor. This is one of my favorite hacks. I’ve mentioned it before in an old video and it just mince everything
together so quickly and you don’t have to worry about crying over chopping onions. It’s just such an easy hack. I love this. And to make things even easier, we’re gonna make the rest
of the meatball mixture right in the food processor. So, to my onions and garlic, I have my lean ground turkey meat. Adding in some pumpkin
puree, rice bread crumbs. You can use any breadcrumbs that you like. For seasoning, I have nutmeg, sea salt, I have thyme, rosemary and
sage, some black pepper, crack in an egg to help it bind together and then I’m just gonna close the lid, lock it up and then
I’m just gonna pulse it so we’re not over mixing but we’re getting all the ingredients well incorporated, stopping halfway to scrape down the sides and then just pulsing again
until everything is well mixed. Next, I’m just gonna scoop out
about two tablespoons worth of the batter or I guess the
mixture, we’re not baking, and I’m just gonna roll it
into little turkey meatballs and place it on this baking tray. Now, you can bake these
meatballs if you’d like, but I’m just gonna do
them on the stove top. One of my tricks when it
comes to making something that you want to cook
up all at the same time is lay them all out on
a plate and that way, you can just pop them all on
to the hot pan at the same time so you don’t have ones cooking
faster or slower than others. (lively music) Heat up a large pan
with some oil and then, just pop in your meatballs. You want to sear them first
before adding in the sauce, so they get a nice golden
crust on the outside. You also want to make sure
not to overcrowd them. So I’m just gonna let them
cook up for a few minutes on each side before adding in my sauce. Now, for my sauce, I
did a mixture of tomato and pumpkin puree with some other spices. I’m gonna have the full
recipe linked down below for you guys to check out. And I’m just serving this on
top of some brown rice noodles. You can serve it on whatever you like, even zucchini noodles
would be really nice. And then I’m gonna garnish
it with some fresh thyme just to use that up. These were incredible and you
seriously need to make these. Go get the recipe, go
to the grocery store, get all your ingredients
and make these tonight. You will love them. So that is our dinner tonight,
turkey pumpkin meatballs. They smell so good and Chloe and I already had a little taste test and
they’re really, really good. So I’m gonna actually have
the full recipe linked on the blog down below in the info box and you guys can make
them, save them, pin them, whatever you gotta do. Make these; they’re so good. And they’re really easy to make, too. And it’s just like another
fun way to use pumpkin puree in a savory dish that’s not
pie because everyone knows, pumpkin pie is delicious
but you can also use it in something for dinner
that’s a little bit more savory, and I just want to say
another huge thank you to KitchenAid for sponsoring this video. It is so cool to work
with brands that I love and have been using
for years and I’m gonna have more information
down below in the info box for you guys to check out more information about their products in the food processor that I mentioned in today’s
video which is super awesome, and is the easiest one to use
that I’ve ever tried before. So, definitely check it
out if you’re in the market for a new one or if you’re like, I just didn’t know I needed
a food processor in my life. Now you know you do. So thank you so much. Leave me a comment down
below letting me know what your favorite
pumpkin inspired dish is, and as always, don’t forget
to subscribe, it’s free. I post new videos every single
week and if you like these what I eat a in a day videos, I will have a playlist down below. I have so many of them so
there’s lot to binge watch if you guys are into them. So thank you so much. I will see you guys in my next video and I should go get Mr. Matt, I guess, ’cause he probably
wants to eat these, too. Bye! (lively music)

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