What is boiling? what is simmering? – Jamie Oliver’s Home Cooking Skills

Right, what we doing here is explaining the difference between boiling water and simmering water This one here. This pot here is full of boiling water. See the way that the bubbles are rolling up to the top and the surface of the water is completely moving all the time. That’s what we call boiling. This, you can see the surface of the water is quite flat and there’s some bubbles tickling up round the edge So it’s boiling but only just. Well that’s what i would call simmering. So it’s simmering water. That’s rolling boil, boiling. That’s simmering Now, this is the kind of water you want, for example, if you’re cooking pasta That’s how fast you want it to be boiling. So it’s good for pasta and it’s good for noodles. And it’s good for things like green vegetables, green beans mangetout, that kind of thing. Broccoli. Those kinds of lovely veg need to be cooked in that kind of water. Simmering is what you would poach an egg in or perhaps poach a piece of fish in. Or if you’re making soup, you don’t ever want it to get like that because when your boil a soup you spoil all the flavour in it. So, really, for soup you never want to get more than simmering. So there we go, boiling and simmering.

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  1. Extrememdp says:

    sending this link to my boyfriend because he asked me what the difference was and I think this is best explained in this video. Thanks!

  2. Tim Heltzel says:

    The only video on the internet I can find that explains the difference between these two concepts. Kudos!

  3. Musgot says:

    Very helpful! Cheers

  4. Ciara Catsi says:

    Helped me! Thanks!

  5. c4mrich says:

    Ur leiwand da müss ma hin! Nünününü

  6. CUBETechie says:

    Simmering is the 11. District of vienna

  7. MartyvH says:

    Not even my mother could tell me what simmering is. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  8. lookatubex says:

    Good vid, simple and clear. Thanks.

  9. floofytown says:

    I like you, Jamie. I do. But I love your assistant.

  10. R. Hunter says:

    Helpful, sounds silly since I have been cooking for years but I've always guessed… A few less bubbles from now on 😉

  11. Alex Kessler says:

    he's a great teacher

  12. doggie simmer says:

    i hate jamie, but like her assistant

  13. TheOriginalJoedabo says:


  14. Malaquia Geteo says:

    Boiling = high temperature approx.

    Simmer = medium temperature approx.? Or not?

  15. Malaquia Geteo says:


    Simmer = medium-low temperature? Maybe.

  16. Oo oO says:

    I bet that girl can cook

  17. jancarl san says:

    sorry just a newbie here in cooking.. am i to cover the pot to simmer? thank you.

  18. Samsonjelly Kieleros says:

    Simmering is like slow bubbles boiling is fast bubbles

  19. Alxmir23 says:

    ok. thanks

    was wondering why my water was still bubbling on low-med

  20. Rachel Marsh says:

    Love it, basic, thank you.

  21. richie dichiro says:

    at what temp would I set my stove dial to, to make sauce simmer?

  22. richie dichiro says:

    at what temp would I set my stove dial  for simmering?

  23. richie dichiro says:

    at what temp do I set my stove dial to for simmering?

  24. Lim Gey Leng says:

    Thank you! now i know the difference.

  25. Little White Hummingbird of the Golden Sun says:

    So helpful to see the difference demonstrated by an expert. The state of simmering is much more gentle than I have practiced over my many years of cooking. Thank you so much for the clarification!

  26. ZAH says:

    I'm too old to not know this. Thank you for the vid. Very clear!

  27. Heather Gooss says:

    That was very clear. Thanks!

  28. Eugene Sedita says:

    According to you boiling and simmering are the same , 212 degrees. Simmering is less than that.

  29. ThatCringey Tracer says:

    My pot is simmering and its at the hottest temperature

  30. Bustin cheeks herk says:


  31. Kiddo says:

    Who else here tryna make hamburger helper 😂

  32. ña na says:

    thank youuu

  33. aida bach says:

    is simmering 180 F?

  34. QRS3C273 says:

    I had to look this up. That's how much I suck at cooking LOL!! Thanks! 😀

  35. Allan The Levite says:

    Great Ideas! # BLESSING

  36. Diana Rose says:

    I always simmer with low heat…my question is if you are cooking soup and supposely you need to simmer, should you use low heat or can you do medium heat? I am new to cooking so I apologize for being clueless.

  37. Cassie Hendrickson says:

    so………simmering is boiling with less bubbles?

  38. johvales says:

    At 1:02 she looks confused and uncomfortable.

  39. earthstewardude says:

    Or better yet Jamie Oliver – cover the whole screen with your domain name so we cannot even see you!

  40. john andrew asaria says:

    I google the meaning but got still confused. Thanks for this video.

  41. Jeanine Basson says:


  42. Jeanine Basson says:

    what brand of pot do you use? I love the colour!

  43. nallib said tala montenegro says:


  44. Kruhl Sentru says:

    Thanks, this helps people like me who can't cook to save our own lives lol. So often cooking instructions leave out a great deal of information, as people are just expected to know all of this. But then, how are we to learn to begin with? In my case, my parents taught me how to stick something in the oven or microwave for x amount of time, and how to cook hamburger patties in a skillet. That's it. I will admit, though: I know a lot more than most about how to cook with a microwave. XD

  45. Tyson Mandel says:

    I hate fags

  46. DeltaCharlie2 says:

    Is that Jamie Oliver's dad or did Jamie actually let himself go that bad?

  47. Bluebyyou 21 says:

    Thank you so much!!!!

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