What to do AROUND the SF Bay area (NOT IN San Fran) Full Time RV!

Hey there visionaries today’s video is all about right down here all things to do around The Bay Area but not in the San Francisco Bay Area. It’s gonna show you a few things that we did that We really enjoy While we were around the area, so what it’s not about the wild pigs in the san benito area that was when we were staying at the san benito RV resort and By the way internet connectivity is very poor there As far as your cell phone coverage, forget it for Internet from the rolling hills of San Benito in the wild pigs we decided to go to a place to eat called Suncoast organic farms It’s in Hollister California out in the country neat little place have really good food a lot of organic foods, obviously gluten-free foods Keto they have a lot of Quito sweets and pizza I was a really cool place to visit downtown Santa Cruz Boardwalk we take a trip down to Santa Cruz area and visit the Santa Cruz Pier Santa Cruz Beach and the Santa Cruz Boardwalk amusement park Yep my closet space in that RVs getting a little Erin littler She’ll just got another sweatshirt that’s telling them about my closet space in the RV is getting smaller and smaller And I’m gonna have to get rid of a hoodie everywhere we go Wait, I don’t have any hoodies right now. I’m taking this a little too far when they say Happy wife. Happy life. Oh, I might be I might be going to I might be to give it. Hi there guy I’m gonna follow her Fellow visionary right back here. I Mistakenly called the piers the boardwalk earlier. I didn’t realize I did that Michelle told me we’re now on the boardwalk Well, I guess we weren’t on the actual boardwalk yet It was boards made boards and we were walking Therefore it was a boardwalk Now I’ll find the boardwalk. I know my boardwalks There’s always one sometimes two and I’ve been one of those Here now on the concrete walk Next we went to Capitola beach. That was really cool. There is a little village Area there that kind of look like a little village with pastel colored little cottages. I’m guessing there were rentals we ate right there Overlooking the ocean that was really neat. Michelle got mesmerized by the flowers here and We just ate it paradise Yeah, look Paradise beach grill and we can now say we recommend it. It’s very good. Very good clam chowder. Excellent You want to go to mr. Toots Italian sodas pastry coffee Reminds me of like I don’t know like a little little tea area or something Oh Yes after leaving We stopped by a place called his ditch ranch where we were told they made the very best pies you’ve ever had and He had fresh strawberries. And of course once pies was mentioned to Michelle That’s all she wrote. Yes ditch ranch. Look at my shelf eyes light up We’re trying to find it. Seriously. I want boy here We are wreck is ditch ranch gonna get our gist ditch strawberries in our is ditch pie. I hope it doesn’t gives me an inch Never seen Michelle move so fast One other really cool thing we did we went to a place called fort ord dunes Had some really cool scenery there And then we went to visit a winery we didn’t get to see very many vineyards and wineries which are Everywhere, but we did see one called We Alamo winery and we did find a wine that we really really liked which is a red wine the dry red blue yellow Winery, it’s a family-owned business. We did speak to one of the granddaughters that worked there now her grandparents we’re the ones that emigrated from Italy and Started the winery the vineyards Really cool history story to it. The property is just gorgeous Then we took a cruise down to Carmel beach little town of Carmel is Where Clint Eastwood had a restaurant called hogs breath in he no longer owns that I was hoping to see Clint Eastwood, but the punk did not make my day Sorry Clint. I didn’t really call you upon just kidding. Anyway, he used to be his restaurant the hogs breath in There’s 20 sweet We’re clean That’s right now where Michelle is walking Where did she go? This place is amazing You ever come here to Carmel, California you need to go here Yeah, you need to go here shut up at Carmel beach Look over there Yeah, look over there And that’s all we have for today’s video If you like this video, please don’t forget to give it a thumbs up. It really helps us and If you haven’t already Please do subscribe. We do release a new video every Saturday morning at 9:00 a.m. Central Standard Time Click that little bell if you’d like to and that will also notify you when we do release a new video that way you don’t Have to remember. It’s on a Saturday, right? That’s it. See you our visionaries In our next video. Have a good one

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