I’ve been a little concerned about the cookware I use. So I Googled aluminum cookware. I had to know… Does the aluminum leach into my food? You get all these different reports. Some evidence has pointed to… Some evidence has shown… Is it really that hard? Get a scientist to put some food in the pan and then test the food. Is there aluminum in the food or not? What, we all get to guess? It’s safe, it’s not safe, which is it? I thought stainless steel was the safest, and now this guy tells me, “Oh no, nickel can leach out of the stainless steel and get into your food and nickel is not good, ha ha ha ha. Makes for a lot of confusion. Then there’s ceramic, that seems pretty safe to me. But I’ve read lead can leach out of it and go into your food and kill you. Of course, if you use Chinese products, well, we’ll just leave that there, won’t we? And then there’s non-stick, which can help with your digestion if you know what I mean. You know, down there? Because it’s non-stick it kind of lubricates. You get the picture, right? Well they say non-stick is ok as long as it doesn’t have any scratches in it. And I defy anybody to show me a non-stick pan that does not have a scratch in it. They say if it has a scratch or a nick in it you shouldn’t use it. Well, golly, just make it indestructible, would you? Then there’s good-old cast iron. But they say iron overload is bad for you. I guess I could use a smoker. But do I really want carbon monoxide going inside my food? I think I’ve figured it out. I’m going to quit eating. Or just eat ice cream. Or eat everything raw. Or get one of those food dehydrator thing-a-ma-jiggers. And just dry everything out to the bone. Where you can’t even taste it? What do ya’ll use for cookware? I need help. Please leave me a comment Hi, I’m Bill Ballis. You ever shook hands with anybody that just wanted to crush your hand? That’s the subject of my new video. It’s called “Hand Crusher”. Or I guess you could pronounce it “Hand Crush Her”? Please click the link in this post and get some vicarious pleasure watching me ventilate about these dominators. And always remember… Love you, baby!

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