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Let’s make this delicious and hearty fall meal So our White Chicken Chili starts by sautéing the chopped onion and celery that I picked up from the Fresh Cut section over medium heat just until the onions translucent Ok, so for our seasonings here’s a cool tip; Add the seasonings at the beginning of the recipe as opposed to at the end. That way they get nice and toasted which is going to bring out their flavor so I added in some dried oregano… and then, if you’ve ever wondered what makes chili so comforting this is it; Cumin equals comfort! so you can put that into any homemade chili you want to make so once those seasoning are toasted then we’ll add the boneless skinless chicken breast we had the butcher cut into bite size pieces for us in the store Now I like to sauté this chicken until it’s brown So once our chicken is browned we just add 2 teaspoons of garlic that I got from the Fresh Cut section all ready minced and ready to go for me and then a can of diced tomatoes with green chilies that have been drained and then some great northern beans… and then finally about 14 ounces of chicken broth which is about a cup and a ½ So we’ll give this one good stir then we reduce the heat to low and we’re going to let this simmer for about 20 minutes So while this is hanging-out doing its thing, you and I are going to make some cornbread waffles! So lets get going! We always think about toppers for our chili But today we’re going to shake things up a bit by making a cornbread waffle to go on the bottom of a bowl of chili. It’s going to be delicious! So I just made a cornbread mix according to the package directions And then, the skies the limit! You can add ingredients you want My two favorites are corn and fresh chopped jalapenos So we’re just going to stir those in until they’re evenly mixed And then we’ve got our waffle iron all ready heated up and you just scoop in… your cornbread mix And boom! It is that simple! The final step on our White Chicken Chili is just to turn off the heat from that simmer and then we’re going to stir in about 2 cups of Kraft Shredded Pepper Jack Cheese And what the cheese does is makes the whole thing creamy and as you stir it, it’s going to melt and get really smooth it is going to taste delicious! So this meal is a laid back comfort food that can be served in bowl just for yourself or it can be dressed up for a hearty fall meal just like this This looks delicious! Now I top it with some sliced green onions and our comfort meal is ready to eat! I know you have your favorite chili recipe and now you have one of mine! For this recipe and many more visit albertsons.com

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