Whole30 Slow-Cooker Bacon-Mushroom Chicken with Sweet Potatoes

Okay, so here we got this delicious, really hearty dish. We are gonna do some, I have long arms. We’re gonna do some both and we’re gonna grate some more garlic. Gotcha.
If you don’t mind, into the bottom. Then I got some sweet potatoes and I just have them. I’m gonna leave the skin on them. You don’t have to do any other prep what so ever. Awesome. These are gonna go in the bottom of the slow cooker with the both and the garlic. And you’re gonna put them cut side down. Gotcha.
We are gonna deal with the skins on these later. Alrighty. Now we got some chicken thighs. So, we’re gonna throw a layer of chicken thigh in. And then, there’s gonna be some salt, pepper, and thyme, kind of sprinkled over one layer. So, if you could do that, as I add these in. Gotcha.
And then, we’re just gonna repeat. So we’ve got salt, pepper, and thyme. I’m gonna throw another layer of chicken in. We’re gonna do salt, pepper, and thyme, Uh huh. I don’t know about you, but I rarely use measuring in cups. Oh never.
Like measuring spoons. Its too uptight for me.
For stuff like this, so yeah totally yeah. So we’ve got this salt, pepper, thyme and then we gonna add some sliced mushrooms, and some sliced red onion.
Red Onion, or a bunch? Yep. Okay.
Throw it right in. Great.
And then, did I already add the broth? Perfect.
You got your stock already in there. Pop the lid on this guy.
And you are gonna pop the lid. This gonna be 6-7 hours on low or like three or three and half on high. Gotcha. And then this is fantastic. So what you gonna end up doing is you take the chicken and the mushroom and the onion out. The sweet potato, you gonna take the skin off throw it in a bowl. You gonna add a little bit of coconut oil. Gotcha. And some salt and pepper kind of mash it all up. Mash this guy here.
And I’ll plate this, yeah. And I would probably put. But there was no oil or fat of any kind in either of these. No, nope. In the base dish. Exactly Yes. You can kind of do your added fat in the sweet potato exactly as much as you want. And you could even use like the clarified butter or ghee if you wanted to. And you would do a side of that sweet potato over here.
But not Olive Oil in your potatoes? Yeah, you could do olive oil too. Of course, anything you like. I think it would all taste good. So, after you got that all mashed what I really love about this is that I got some pre-cooked crispy bacon. So, I’m gonna throw some crispy bacon over the top. Bacon bits. Yes. I like using bacon as a condiment on the whole thirty not as a protein source. I got some fresh thyme there Gotcha.
And if you could add some sweet potato
And do we scoop this right along side? That’s exactly what I would do, yeah. Or, you could even do the sweet potato
grab a spoon and get it in there. Or, do the sweet potato
Perfect. even underneath. But I think on the side.
You could do the sweet potato underneath, yeah. But you would still have to cut through the chicken though. Yeah you do. And what I also like to do, is just add some of the juice from this dish. Because, the mushrooms and the bacon, I know it’s so good, it looks so good right? Especially for the fall.
(applause) Oh nice. Like a nice little Umami flavor. Very, I know right. Exactly, yeah Gorgeous. Yeah. Remember, half the book is instant pot too, if you have one of those, ’cause its another trend sweeping the country. But, everybody gets to go home and give it a try. Everybody is going home with a Whole 30 Slow Cooker.
(applause) So generous of you. Thank you so much.
Thank you. Grab a snack, come on back.
(applause) (wind chime)

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  1. To Be Honest says:

    She over-stuffed the chicken 😉

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