Why Does My Stove Keep Clicking?

Hi, I’m Jordan. If you own a gas stove or a range, you’re
probably familiar with the clicking noise it makes when you turn the surface burner
knob. Today, I’m going to show you why your stove
keeps making that clicking noise. Typically, this is not dangerous to preform,
however, if you smell gas or suspect a gas leak. Shut off your gas supply, leave the area,
contact your local technician to help fix the problem. One of the reasons why your stove might be
clicking is because the burner cap is out of place. In order to make sure the burner cap is in
it’s place, remove the cap and center it on its base. Another common reason is because there might
be moisture on the bottom of the cap and in order to do this, remove the cap and air dry
it so that it can properly dry out. In order to speed up the process make sure
that all the burner are off and towel off the top of the range. After you have done that be sure to set your
oven to 350 degrees and leave it for about 30 minutes in order to get rid of any access
moisture. Another reason why your stove might be clicking
is because excessive food or debris. Now, food or debris can block the ignition
of the burner top and it’s very important that you make sure that it is cleared out. In order to clean out the food, use a metal
pin or paper clip, in order to clean out the debris. Never use objects like toothpicks because
they can easily break off and can get lodged inside the appliance. If you’ve been through all these steps and
your appliance is still clicking it could be your spark module, your spark ignition
switch, or the igniter. If you are ever uncomfortable taking these
steps be sure to contact your local technician or gas supplier. Thanks for watching. Your support helps us to create these free
videos for you to enjoy. Please, like, comment and share. And if you really liked our video please subscribe
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2 comments on “Why Does My Stove Keep Clicking?”

  1. Titi Titico says:

    Thanku so much 2 hours with the clicking CRAZY the 4 burners because I spilled something, what a mess, I did everyting but what did it was when I tunr on the stove higher than 350 and it has been like 40 minutes, only one burner still ckicking but very slow. thank U.

  2. mjs1231 says:

    Yep mine just did it when i spilt water on the knob. Pull the power and leave it unplugged for a few days for the water to dehydrate.

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