WILD & CRAZY 😜 EXPENSIVE Large Family Grocery Haul 2019!

– So to keep things
simple, Travis is dropping me off at a local Walmart today. I’m not driving to an Aldi and I’ve got a list of large family groceries I’m gonna get for just one week. Wow look at my Walmart helpers today. That’s a little too pricey
for me for strawberries today. Pricey strawberries. We’ll get some blueberries, raspberries. – [Boy] Raspberries. – [Jamerrill] Raspberries. – Bad berry. – [Jamerrill] A bad berry? I don’t want a bad berry. Good job, that’s right,
good job, did you clap? Good job, put it in the cart. – We gotta get some cookies. – [Jamerrill] We’ve
got, yeah, yeah you will pick out the cookies, won’t ya? Blood oranges. – [Boy] Yes. – [Jamerrill] Why not? – Daniel. – [Jamerrill] Daniel, is
Daniel telling us stories? You saw Octonaut toys? – [Daniel] No, Naomi did. – [Jamerrill] Naomi did, okay. We will also get some pink lady apples. We’ll go with those. Benjamin, you can’t do that. Silly. I know, I know. Daniel, you can get a
great big bag of potatoes. Do you wanna put em under the cart? I’m gonna get some
different onions here too. Can you put em underneath? You are super strong. You do it? – Uh huh. – [Jamerrill] Get the big box. Wow. Oh. (baby murmuring) Whoa, Benjamin knows what those are. It’s a great big one. Here, let’s let Benjamin hold it. That looks like it’ll keep him busy. I just sent Zion to
get another cart for me ’cause we don’t even have room for milk in here at the moment. Thank you. (baby murmuring) And another. – And another. – [Jamerrill] And we’ll get one more. Several of you asked me
what hair colors I use so this is one I’ve used quite a bit, extra light natural blonde,
this is Loreal Paris and then another one I use is this LB01, I’ve used this one most over the years. So I got two story times with Jamerrill. Number one is we’re
checking out, of course, really loaded carts,
Benjamin grabbing stuff from the carts and we deal
with that when we shop, oh fine, no big deal but
Zion was busy loading carts at one end and I was
busy down at my cart end, okay, okay that’s the
only picture I can paint for you right now. Anyway, I look down there,
Benjamin’s eating something and he got, he was able to
grab a pack of raspberries, flung em all over, all over himself, all over the bags, having a good ole time eating those raspberries. I get the trash cans, this was off vlog, this was stuff, I couldn’t film this. We made it through, it was a fun time, I like to take the little boys in to to do some store training
with them and work with Daniel on, whenever I take young kids out and I know some of
you mommas have asked me how I do it in a
store, I have the younger children each hold one side of the cart so I work with Daniel on holding onto the side of the cart. Benjamin was just working on trying to not grab everything out, at least
he didn’t get the blueberries so that’s some good
store time for Benjamin and then, so I got myself a salad. I’ve been working really hard, finally getting trim, healthy
momma back in my head. I know that needs to be
a whole, separate video but you mommas know who’ve been on it, once you get it, you
get it and you can do it without thinking but whenever you’re first getting back on it, for me it takes a lot of mental energy so I
grabbed myself a chef salad, got to the van, of
course my kids are eating oatmeal cream pies. I assumed and I assumed
wrongly that there was a fork in this salad kit, you
know, sometimes they have the fork bundled up
with the salad dressing, didn’t even think to get one from the deli but look at this, I
found an old, funky spoon in the van, cleaned it off. I’m going to figure out
how to shove this salad in my face with this old van spoon. In a jam you really can
eat a salad with a spoon. Well friends, we are back
from, from that Walmart trip. A crazy expensive Walmart trip. I’m spoiled because I
have done so many quick, little one week grocery
shopping hauls at Aldi and I thought today ’cause we’ve been, we’re in between snow and I thought, oh, we will go the
Walmart that’s only like 25 minutes away, I’ll load up there, that way I won’t have to drive to an Aldi, ’cause you know, we’re
rural, we drive everywhere, hello Jamerrill’s dishes and
we’ll go for the afternoon, Travis can just drive me
over, I’ll run into Walmart, the kids and I will run into Dollar Tree, that’s another video that’s coming up next but I don’t know, it was more adventurous with the raspberries and the spoon salad and we’re home now, it’s unloaded but man, huge, huge expense at Walmart. My normal standard, seven gallons of milk for the coming week. So here’s the milk. Here I got two packs of butter,
technically for one week I mean, I might only
need one of these packs depended on what I’m doing. I got 120 eggs, these boxes
of eggs were 5.62 each. I got two things of sour
cream ’cause everyone loves sour cream around here
and I also got some potatoes. I’m going to do actually
tonight some trim healthy momma approved oatmeal
and asparagus and then for the growing children
they were gonna have baked potatoes with sour cream. And then for Travis I got
two packs of this Propel water, it is more
expensive but this is kinda like you know, his special treat thing that’s sugar free, it has
good electrolytes for him and you’ll see, so a lot
of this haul I feel like is healthy eating convenience
foods but anyway, two things of Propel and
then also for Travis, these are, ’cause these
are you know, low carb and all of that four
packs of the pepperoni. This is a more expensive item, 8.58 a bag. Got four of those but
again, I mean that’s fine, he’s allowed to get stuff
to and then the Propels were, they were just under six dollars, they were like 5.98 each. So in this haul you’re gonna see, I got more like trim healthy momma-ish convenience items, okay? They have this recipe
that I used to live off of four years ago it seemed, like every night I would have it and it’s
for a chocolate muffin in a mug and I could have
it with some sugar free heavy cream and I can
even pour a little bit of whipping cream on the recipe. I mean, yeah, because we’re dealing in low carb zone, this is zero carbs so I would have it with a little bit of both of these and some berries. I got blueberries, you
heard the raspberry story. Remnants, evidence, this
one raspberry was on this pack of meant and then
I saw the juice here and I thought there, I didn’t get to show you the story but
that’s the equivalent. One bag of avocados, they
are nowhere near ready and there’s only three of
em in here but they’re huge. Two packs of green beans. One pack of baby carrots. And then I got blood oranges so different than clementines or Cuties. I only got one bag so I don’t have to force feed them to children. I got two packs of peppers,
several recipes coming up, we’re gonna do like
deconstructed chicken fajitas. I still didn’t do the chili
I had mentioned in my last grocery haul and I got more
components for it today. I ended up using the black
beans I got last week in my tacos, which you have seen by now so you’re following along,
you know what I mean, right? Anyway, two packs of
peppers, I’m gonna tell you about the chili recipe I’m gonna use but then large family-ify it. A five pound bag of red delicious apples, a three pound bag of pink lady apples, those oranges were 4.50 a bag. The three pound bag of
pink lady apples, 4.94, I know I got, boy I think
I got em for two dollars less almost at Aldi last week. Then I got a bag of white onions, I still have some purple onions. The pack of blueberries. I got four different packs of cheese. This is where again, convenience
items for this momma. Trying to behave myself and I’ve actually, like I said, I’ve been
doing really, really well but I know, I know I have to help myself not get defeated, amen, amen. So I got provolone, Colby blends, Swiss, another provolone and
that’s not just for me, I mean, I have kids who will have turkey and cheese sandwiches. This is the meat, so I got,
we got oven roasted turkey breast, Angus beef, yeah I
got two of each of these. Some people will suggest, well Jamerrill, just do one of your pasture raised hens and have that meat available. That’s great, it still takes time to cook and again, I’m trying to
set myself up for success by just having things
available where I don’t have to think so yay, yay, yay. I also got more string cheese and yes, all the cheese that Travis
prepped a few weeks ago in our large family meal prepping video, I’ll pop up here, it’s gone. We got 10 people who
eat cheese and several of em doing low carb, cheese is gonna go. Here’s the 10 pound bag
of potatoes for the kids. Some bananas, just a few days worth. And this is another thing so at Aldi, there rice cauliflower
is under, it’s only like, I don’t know, what is it,
1.29 cents, 1.50 a bag? So it was almost three dollars a bag, it was like 2.59 a bag at Walmart. I still got four bags
because this saved me the other day when I had
a beef and broccoli recipe going but it was gonna be
awhile and then I still had to wait for the steam to release and I was starving so I used one of my riced cauliflower bags
from Aldi with some butter and salt and pepper and
it was a great snack for me at that moment. These are the low carb
wraps and I actually, I like these, when I have em, I use em. So I don’t think y’all
mind if this grocery haul is interrupted with a
little Jamerrill how, how is Jamerrill eating now ramble. Some viewers have told
me, Jamerrill it depresses me when you talk about weight loss and other viewers have said,
Jamerrill, I appreciate that even though you
struggle, you just keep on trying and I struggle
and I keep on trying to and we’ll just get this
figured out at some point and I also know eating and preferences and food is so different
based on the individuals needs and the family’s needs. I’ve heard from lots of mommas lately, I mean I’m here chopping logs of cheese and their dairy free, I understand that, one of my very best friends
is dairy free as well and so that’s something
that she works with so all that to say, I get
it that we’re all different and we all have different
needs and different things that work for us. I’m looking at the chili. Travis loves chili. I mean, the whole family,
I’ve done chili for years. The issue is I’m trying
to keep things lower carb so my friend, her site is
called Northern Nester dot com has a recipe on there for
her husband’s favorite, trim, healthy momma S meal chili, okay, so I’m looking at her
recipe but then of course, I’m like blasting it,
large family blasting it up so I got some black beans,
some diced tomatoes. I will link her recipe
in the description below and you can figure out pretty quickly what I’m gonna do, I
will show it in my large family meal plan for the coming week and what we ate this week and all of that but that’s where, some of
these items are coming in. I know that these items have carbs. I would be doing like six pounds of meat and a huge stock pot full of chili and not even using all of this. I can’t just buy a little,
you know how it goes with me. Okay, I also got some mild, chunky salsa. I want to make homemade, sugar free salsa. I will be doing that,
just figured I wouldn’t be using much of this so there’s that. Now, I’m gonna be doing
meatloaf and I have a keto low carb meatloaf
I do with pork rinds. Many of you suggested to me about making meatloaf with pork rinds
and that is what I use now for it and then so like
two for a big meatloaves and two for snacking
because no carbs in that so big thing of ketchup for the kids. Some no sugar added
ketchup for this momma, one carb for one tablespoon so yay. For the kids, because of these snowstorms, we got the big thing of hot chocolate mix and then even though these
have the small, little marshmallows, once you
heat it up and stuff those kind of dissipate so
we got mini marshmallows. This is for myself, caramel vanilla cream. Now I didn’t see anywhere on here, coffee natural artificial flavors. Okay, I’m not seeing, when
I looked in the store, I didn’t see anything
that told me you know, if they have sugar or calories or whatever but if they do, they
should be small enough that, I just can’t worry
about it ’cause I have to have my coffee. So here’s some more of the expense. I needed some quinoa. I needed, this is a giant bag of Stevia. I needed ground flax seed
and I needed almond flour and this was like 10 dollars a bag. That’s the range of these three here so 30 dollars and this was
almost 10 so that’s 40. This was another just
shy of 10 dollar product. I love using this peanut
butter powder in smoothies. This is another lifesaver. You see it’s got five
carbs but then you subtract the three from the fiber so I did my scoop of the Swanson whey protein powder, I did some, I had a little bit
of peanut butter powder left, I had a small, like that much for flavor, a little hunk of banana
and almost milk and ice and some liquid Stevia and I mean, it was better than a candy bar, right? So I love that and then
this is for the kids. They got their applesauce. Oh, and then also for kids, we have bread and then we have diet Coke
and whenever we opened the back, it decided to jump for its life but I might have like one or two a day and sorry, but I do. Oh and look, so Daniel,
he had a lollipop earlier and he, we’ve been finding
little lollipop sticks in interesting spots. So I want you to think
for a minute though. Look at this haul, look at it. Tell me what you think my total is because I guarantee, now I
had cash in my grocery budget. I was getting what we
needed and I was paying for the convenience of not driving to another city to go to an Aldi today. I was paying for the convenience of having some more of these
convenience items on hand, convenience, convenience, convenience but man, you know what this was? It was 374 dollars. Now if I woulda gone to Aldi, I bet ya, I woulda been out of there for well under 200, of course, it wouldn’t of been same exact products but probably pretty similar. I don’t know if they have pork rinds but anyway, Walmart we
paid for the convenience today and because I have saved so much in the prior weeks, I came in on budget which my large family
grocery budget is about 1250 or so a month. Yeah, we just spent
more of that this week. Towards the end of next week I’m gonna do my huge once a month grocery
shopping for February. I haven’t done once a
month grocery shopping since November-ish so it’s
time to get back on track with that but let me show you what I got outside of food. And then this was paid for separately and this was right around 90 dollars. I know, not much for it. I did buy some makeup so
that’s more expensive. I got these pore cleaners. I’ve never used these on my nose. I have seen them, I thought
I would like to try these so let me know if you like these or if there’s a different brand. I don’t buy much else that’s
not available at Walmart or that I can order on Amazon so Walmart had several different brands available and anyway, marketing,
that’s what I’ve seen the commercials for. I bought this two pack of
mascara, one is already in my purse, this was 10 dollars. I got this eyeliner that I really like. Several of you have asked
about my eyeliner before. There is like a sparkly, gray,
it’s a thicker pencil though. I could not find it today, I probably have to order it, Walmart doesn’t always carry it. I’ve been using, it’s
the same one I’ve been using for like 20 years but anyway, this is a similar color. I can also use it inside
my lower eyelids so that is fun and then this is when I wear darker eyeliner, this
is the charcoal color. This is the hair color that I bought. I still, I don’t need
this for a few more weeks but I thought I’d get it to go ahead and have it on hand. Some more baby powder. Some Tide pods. The biggest thing of
toilet paper I could get at Walmart today, they didn’t have the big Angel Soft bundles that
I get when I’m there and then a pack of paper
plates for convenience and real life. So thank you for watching
this grocery haul. I’m thankful to have food and I’m thankful to have a lot of the low
carb and trim, healthy momma and whatever little fill in items and convenience items that I
feel that I need right now, I guess that’s my biggest like advice, if you’re trying to do THM or keto or any kind of plan or system is to have whatever you need on hand to make it easy for you. So I’m gonna go make those meatloaves now and I’ll see you real
soon with another brand new video and I’ll be chatting up in all those comments below, bye bye.

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    Idk if you’ve heard of FlavCity, but he is a great resource for healthy recipes! He’s not trim healthy momma, but he is Keto! I know it can be hard to make you’re own recipes because you have a big family to think of, but you should check him out! He’s has great info and recipes

  88. Nichole Wroten says:

    😂😂 spoon salad.. I really enjoy watching your videos! I only have one kid and my husband and I, but I really enjoy your videos! 😁🥰

  89. Marwah Afzal says:

    How do you keep milk fresh? Do you freeze it?

  90. T G1128 says:

    Your kids are precious

  91. avian1971 says:

    Your lipstick is beautiful. What do you use?

  92. Desire Love says:

    Yes aldi has pork rinds and funny thing about aldi food it is national brands but they have to process to Aldi standards and brand as Aldi brand. So like the salsa I get it is the same as tostitos salsa except it has no preservatives and dyes and has an aldi brand. That's why the labels look so much like national brands just with aldi on them or mama cozzi and such.

  93. Terri Kost says:

    You crack me up. Love ya Jamerrill.  Keep up the good work….You inspire me!!!!!

  94. Lori Tanner says:

    I'm allergic to gluten and all dairy. Have been gf for 6 years and df for 3 years. Have learned to make all my recipes that I use to do gf and df. My hubby of 41 years isn't allergic but eats what I make. Don't do non gf df in my kitchen. Cross contamination is the enemy! But I'm so glad I found out what my eating problems have been my whole life. I haven't cheated even once. Keep on trying!

  95. Dee Ferry says:

    Pink Lady apples here in UK, even at Aldi/Lidl and about £2 ($2.43) for 4 apples. I love your shopping hauls because I like to see the difference in groceries and prices. Just wish I could get decent wraps, I have Coeliacs disease which means I have to be gluten free, thats why I love your keto recipes cos they're gluten free.

  96. Loratta Norwood says:

    Sorry I’m new to your videos but what his Trim healthy mama?

  97. Diana Morling says:

    Lol I guessed $375, your prices are still so much better than ours in NZ. You have a large family that are well fed Jamerille so it's up to you what your family likes and needs. I struggle with food too, I don't eat enough fruit so we all have times when we don't follow our healthy eating exactly. I love your videos and look forward to seeing your hauls. I never judge because I wouldn't like to put my food out for people to look at sometimes. God Bless, Diana.

  98. Kaylen Ricker says:

    I LOVE that Great Value Stevia!

  99. amanda _af says:

    Aldi has pork rinds for 89 cents a bag!

  100. Melissa Scoggins says:

    Still laughing about the spoon salad… lol, that was to funny Jamerrill. I am still trying to catch up on all of your videos.. The blueberry thing was cute with the the baby, Bet he was cramming them in his mouth.. cute stories!!!

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