Wolf Convection Steam Oven: Roast with precision

The wolf convection steam oven is
amazingly versatile. You can steam in it. You can roast, you can bake. What I want
to show you is the slow roast mode. What we’re going to do is put this lightly
browned beef tenderloin in the oven, ask the oven to have it done at an exact
time, at an exact temperature. There is no overdone end. The outside of it isn’t
overcooked. The entire roast is exactly as you want it to be. We are at the conscious carnivore. The
idea obviously is that we have local free-range grass-fed meats. This is all
pasture raised animals, these are Berkshire pork baby back ribs and
it’s also going to taste better than something we would normally get. One of the biggest, probably most
expensive things that you can do is the full beef tenderloin. So I put my lightly
browned roast in the oven and now I want to set this so that we’re gonna eat at 9
o’clock exactly. I’m gonna enter the slow roast mode. I’m gonna choose beef
tenderloin. I want this to be medium. It shows me the finished temperature is
gonna be 135 degrees, I want to set it for 9 o’clock. The convection steam oven
monitors the internal temperature of the tenderloin. By monitoring the temperature
of the roast it actually is raising and lowering the temperature inside the oven.
This oven is constantly figuring out exactly what temperature the roast needs
to be at what time in this cooking process. It’s going to be rested and
ready to slice at the precise moment you want to serve your meal. Now it’s exactly
9 o’clock the roast is exactly 135 degrees we’re gonna pull this out of the
oven and see what it looks like. I am excited to see this. You can see how
little liquid is in the pan in. In a traditional roasting you don’t know
exactly when it’s gonna be done you don’t know exactly when you’re gonna
have dinner. In the convection steam oven in the slow roast mode you know
exactly when it’s gonna be ready to slice The slow-roast mode in the Wolfe
convection steam oven is by far the best most precise and easiest way to create
the centerpiece for your dinner.

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    This chef has dead eyes. It's as though nothing ever reaches his eyes and it's just awful.

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