11 comments on “Wusthof 4 Piece Barbecue Tool Set | Product Roundup by All Things Barbecue”

  1. Jamie Timon says:

    woot! first!

  2. Swig & Smoke BBQ says:

    Love this channel!

  3. Harald Schmitz says:

    good , greetings from Solingen/Germany

  4. PAPPY 40 says:

    Wow what a set

  5. Jerral Jr says:

    Can you buy the items individually if you don't need/want the whole set

  6. Jeff Vader says:

    i love your videos man, but 100 bucks US for this, I go cheap and nasty as these tool always get the most hammered.

  7. lordgarnichts says:

    you got the name wrong in the title. other than that great videos keep it up! greetings from Germany

  8. Jcwhite0703 says:

    $100… no thanks. These tools can be found much cheaper elsewhere. Don’t pay for a name…

  9. Phil N Florence says:

    Nice set

  10. FlayvorOfEvil says:

    I can understand getting a wusthof knive because it's miles ahead of much cheaper knives, but these are basically like getting wusthof brand spoons.

  11. Matt Justaddwata says:

    On the ATBBQ website this set is listed as made in Germany. But other sellers of this set state it is made in China. Nothing against China – but there is a difference! Perhaps someone could clarify

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