Xiaomi Mijia Induction Cooker: Perfect for Newbies

How to cook yourself a perfect steak? Frying Egg Turn on Mijia Induction Cooker, Choose Egg Frying Mode Turn Over Butter, Pepper, Coarse Salt, Steak Spread some pepper to preserve Turn on Mijia Induction Cooker, Choose Steak Frying Mode Spread Some Salt Frying for 2 minutes Place the Butter Spread Some Salt Until the Mode Time is Over Now Enjoy! Pour on Black Pepper Sauce Xiaomi Mijia Induction Cooker: Your Perfect Side-kick

13 comments on “Xiaomi Mijia Induction Cooker: Perfect for Newbies”



  2. Sunnnay says:

    Why has your team not even tried to respond to an email about my order and why does the live chat not even work?

  3. Kristi Mari Lipatan says:


  4. chupalapidas says:

    english manual???

  5. Xavi Recetas says:

    english manual???

  6. Isaac Contreras says:

    Does it make any sound as other induction cookers?

  7. bobluhrs says:

    220 volts only with a Chinese plug and no instructions in English. I think it might be great if you have a 220 volt outlet installed and a Chinese translator in your kitchen.

  8. Metal 3 Rings says:

    learn to cook…

  9. fengshenwee says:

    Can it be used with any type of pots?

  10. howmonster says:

    That's a terrible steak πŸ˜‚

  11. Stefanos Aslanis says:

    Testing the 'precission' well… not so much.
    I managed make it work but…
    If you want 'precission' control you can only have it in the app. There you can set temperature and time and the device works ok yet,
    a) the temperature can be set on 5degree step. that is not so much of 'precission'
    b) the loop does not find the target. Example i set 55 degree for 1 hour, and the temp of the water was stable but only 50 degrees. I run a 60 degree program for 1 hour but only reached 53 after half an hour and never reached 60.
    NIce device, but precission… not so much.

  12. billy botswana says:

    Hey guys bought one from you last year but cannot workout settings as are Chinese. can I get a translation manual for it.

  13. XJ Chen says:

    Where to get the frying pan…

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