Year-End Review 2018 – Bolivia

Hi, my name is Kenneth Weiss and today I want to take a little bit of time
to talk to you about one of the very interesting countries Maranatha is working in, in South America. The country of Bolivia is in the southern
hemisphere of South America. It’s a very unique country from a number
of perspectives. The country has a variety of climate zones. The country has a variety of people groups. A variety of cultures and even languages. Bolivia is a country of about 11 million people. Churches, in general, are in areas where there’s
a lot of poverty, just like there is throughout the country. And education is one of the key ways that
people in Bolivia are able to break out of the current conditions
and progress on to a better way of life. Currently, there’s 120,000 members in the
country of Bolivia. And those members range in age from very to
very young. But what’s really interesting is that the
average age is about 20 years old in the country. So there’s a lot of young people. Very, very energetic, very missionary-minded. They are wanting to reach other people for
the Gospel. We looked at specifically some of the places
where the members are currently meeting. Places are held together by
tin, by rotten wood. It rains inside. We also went to some places that they are
renting a shack, or a shed. And every single time–because this has become
one of the things that I like to ask them– “So how long have you been here?” and they often
just tell you, “A few weeks or a couple months.” “Where were you before?” “Oh, we were down the street.” “Why is that?” “We don’t own our building.” When a congregation does not have a place
to call their own, they can’t survive. And that’s why Maranatha is involved in
Bolivia. Give them a building that belongs to them
and brings them to the church. If you get involved in supporting at Maranatha– and I would encourage you to consider it and
to pray about it– you can change hundreds and thousands of lives. With the construction of a new church, the members have a permanent place where they
can worship. They can establish their programs. They can reach out to the community. There’s example after example that they
told us about where members are giving one day’s, two day’s, some of them are
are giving up to half their income in a month so they
can do outreach. Why is that? They’re are eager to have Jesus come. So through your support, we can make those
buildings happen. We can make a difference. Through our sacrifice. Through our gifts. Frankly, there’s nothing better that any
one of us can do with our God-given resources.

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