YEMEK TARİFLERİ (Arap Tava) (Kıymalı Sote) Nasıl Yapılır?

Hello friends, welcome to our channel. Today’s breast. Arabic pan Or what we call sautéed minced sauté. There’s a kind of food. We’re doing this at the bachelor’s house. Why do you make a bachelor’s house because it’s a practical meal. You can do it easily. Let’s introduce our materials immediately. This is beef, lamb mixed minced meat. This is what we call peppers pepper paste pepper, charliston pepper And onions. Peeled tomatoes. Onion, pepper We’re gonna chop the pepper a little bit. Let them do it right away. In the meantime, let me introduce myself. Your master butcher cooks honor. Besides, this profession is doing the dishes myself Friends visiting my channel I wanted to give you practical information on how dishes are made. If you follow us and comment and like, Our videos will come in more succession. You will know the secret of good food. After that I made the sauces The secrets he uses a lot in his chefs In later times. I will share with you friends. If friends want different recipes In the comment section you can live with us as much as we can, We will try to make the most delicious way Meat dishes? May be meat-related, vegetable dishes. We will try to answer the questions in the best way. Yes, now the process is over. Yes. Now what we have to do We’il cook all the onion peppers together. First add oil to the pan. The oil will warm up a little. Oil warms up Hazırladığımz. Onion, Small red chopped red pepper and green pepper We’re gonna put all three inside, fellas. We’re gonna cook them until they’re pink. Friends onion peppers We added to the pan while they fried on one side we We prepare our tomatoes We’re gonna put these last after the meat is cooked. tomatoes We’re gonna cut them up again. We’il peel their shells, These will melt in.

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