Yo Sushi

Welcome back to another cooking video, I’m
Chef Devaux and today I’m going to teach you how to make the Yo Sushi roll. It’s
a delicious sushi roll filled with salmon and avocado and then rolled in Tobiko. I hope
you enjoy it as much as I do; here we go—let’s do it!
Alright so we start by preparing some things, the first thing is this avocado. I’m just
going to cut it in half and then I’m going to take the skin off just like this, then
I’m going to cut from the outside inwards in a circumference going all the way around,
just like this, to get nice and even slices of avocado. Then I’m going to take some
sashimi grade salmon and slice it in strips just like so.
If you want to more about sashimi grade salmon there will be a link in the description to
the video. I will put that to one side until we need
it. Now I’m going to take a bamboo rolling mat or a plastic one in this case and add
half a sheet of Nori. Now you see there’s a shiny and a rough side, I’m going to put
the rough side up, then I’m going to take 100-grams of cooked and seasoned sushi rice
and I’m going to just spread that out nice and evenly and softly.
If you want to know how to make sushi rice then there will be a link in the description.
Alright, flip that around and you take a little bit of wasabi, put it on your finger and spread
it along the middle, just like this. This will season the sushi roll. Now I’m going
to take the strips of salmon and lay them across the center and then followed by the
slices of avocado just right next to it, just like this.
Okay now to roll the sushi roll you want to start by lifting up the end of the mat and
rolling it over and closing the sushi roll. When I lift it I can see a little bit of Nori,
that’s because it’s closed. Then you roll it forward to seal and roll it a couple more
times forwards just to firm it up in different directions.
Now I will move the sushi roll to one side and tuck in the edges. This helps to make
the end pieces of the sushi roll a bit more useable. Okay, just tuck the other side in
like this with your fingers, and then you just remove your sushi roll and place it on
the board and firm it up one last time just to get it just the perfect shape.
Now to cover it in delicious Tobiko which is flying fish roe. I like to add it with
a spoon just like this and spread it across the surface, some people like to have a big
plate and then roll it into it, but I find that applying it with a spoon like this gives
a nice decadent layer of Tobiko. I’m going to simply apply it on and then
turn the sushi roll over and then apply a little bit more and keep doing that until
the entire roll is fully covered with Tobiko. If you want to more about Tobiko there will
be a link in the description of this video. Once you’ve done that and all the sides
are nicely covered just like this then it’s time for cutting. You take your extremely
sharp knife and cut it in the middle, just like this. Then clean your knife on a wet
rag, this will help remove the rice and make your knife slide through the roll. I’m going
to cut the halves into quarters, just like this, and in between each cut you want to
really clean your knife so it slides through. Then you take the quarters and you cut them
all into eighths, so four cuts and keep cleaning in between cuts so that your knife slides
through. It’s important to have an extremely sharp
knife to cut sushi rolls otherwise they break apart and fall apart, so it’s important
to get a good quality knife or to learn how to sharpen your knives extremely sharp with
a wet stone. For both of those check in the links in the
description to find my video on how to sharpen knives.
Once you’ve finished cutting it then you just take the bamboo rolling mat, or plastic
one again in this case, and then just firm it up just to make sure that it’s as great
as before you started cutting. Now I’m going to take a plate, a beautiful
black plate with an orange dish, compliments the orange Tobiko. I’m going to just remove
the end pieces for my own consumption and then I’m just going to spread out the sushi
rolls into a few pieces like this so I can pick them up.
Now if you want the same plate as I have just shown then check out the link in the top left
corner of your screen or in the description of this video.
I’m going to just place them on just like this in a neat row, and then I’m going to
add a little bit of pickled ginger and just a dash of wasabi. Now I’m going to add a
little bit of soya sauce just to finish off the dish.
Okay, so there we go—done! Alright, so this is the end of the video.
I hope you enjoyed watching how to make the Yo Sushi roll and I hope you make it at home
and share it with your friends and family, and just enjoy the sushi roll.
If you haven’t done so already subscribe to my channel by clicking on the top left
corner of your screen and you’ll be updated when new videos are released.
Thank you for watching, see you guys next week – goodbye!

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  46. Cindy Jones says:

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