Zero Waste थालीपीठ – Waste to Taste – Vegetarian Omelette from remaining food

Namaste. I am Mamta Chourey Welcome to my channel Nimari Rasoi Often there’s lot of food leftover after Kitty parties, Birthday parties or other get togethers at home This food leftover could be used to create delicious Indian style Vegetarian omelette called “Thalipeeth” Today we are going to prepare Nimari Style Zero Waste Thalipeeth Let’s have a look at the ingredients required for Thalipeeth 1½ tbsp whole wheat flour 1½ tbsp gram flour(Besan) 1 chopped onion 1 chopped green chilli ½ tsp whole cumin chopped coriander leaves to garnish roasted peanut powder(coarsely grind) salt to taste 2-3 tsp oil to grease and cook Thalipeeth ½ tsp ginger garlic paste Leftover Dal Leftover tomato masala thick curry Leftover Spring onion and Capsicum masala these were the food leftovers we are going to use in our Thalipeeth to make Thalipeeth, first we will slightly roast these flours mix 1½ tbsp whole wheat flour and 1½ tbsp gram flour and roast them together on low flame both these flours have to be roasted for about 5 minutes until they become lightly brown roasting both these flour gives a nice crunch to our Thalipeeth Make sure to roast them for 5 minutes until they release nice fragrance roasting them more would result in breaking Thalipeeth while cooking turn the heat off and sauté mixed flours in pan until it cools down remove mixed flours from the pan after about a minute our flour mix is ready and it has also cooled down start mixing our ingredients to it mix ½ tsp ginger garlic paste add leftover curry, mixed veggies as per the need I am using tomato masala, capsicum & spring onion masala and leftover dal first mix everything and see if our dough is not too thin If you don’t have leftover curry/veggies, you can also use any seasonal vegetable like chopped fenugreek leaves, grated bottle ground(lauki), grated zucchini or any other fresh vegetable of your choice as we see, our dough is very think, we can add more dal and our veggie masala (or curry) the dough should not be as thin as we use while making Pakoras I suggest to use hand to ensure it’s properly mixed with all spices and leftover dal and curry we will make the consistency of the dough such that it becomes easy to spread on griddle(Tava or flat pan) if your leftovers don’t have enough water content, you can also add some water to it to soften it slightly our Thalipeeth dough is ready now it can easily be spread on griddle now as our leftovers dal/curries already had salt and spices in them first taste if you need additional salt in your dough mix add salt to taste now add half chopped coriander now after mixing everything properly we heat griddle and start making our Thalipeeth first grease the griddle properly griddle is hot on high flame now make your hands wet with water and spread the dough evenly onto the griddle you can also use wooden spoon or spatula to spread it it has to be spread thick spreading it thickly preserves taste of all the ingredients we mixed make small holes randomly to our spread add some oil all over and also on the top cover it from the lid covering generates the vapour which helps evenly cook it from top and bottom as our griddle was hot enough in about a minute, we will turn it and check if it’s done adding oil all over the pan helped it not sticking on the pan coat a little bit more oil on the top Thalipeeth tastes very good when it’s a bit crunchy adding extra oil helps making it crispy oil tastes very good with Thalipeeth but if you don’t like to add so much oil you can always compromise crispiness over extra fats turn it and see if it’s done from other side as well we can make remaining Thalipeeths the same way this much dough is enough to make 5-6 small size Thalipeeths Follow the same procedure, make holes apply oil all over and cover it after cooking it for about 1 minute on other side our Thalipeeth is ready to serve Our Zero Waste Thalipeeth is ready. Garnish it with remaining chopped coriander leaves Thalipeeth could be served with mint chutney, mango chutney, ketchup or with yogurt Hope you will make Zero Waste Thalipeeth this way and provide your valuable suggestions in comments box below like my videos and subscribe my channel and don’t forget to click on bell icon. Thank you!!

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